5G Testing

Test solutions for 5G testing

We are building 5G testing capabilitities using multi antenna methodologies such as MIMO and massive MIMO measurements. Depending on your needs and your products we are able to use 3D antenna setup solutions.

Test services:

  • antenna array beam forming performance testing
  • measuring in complex channel models for MIMO testing
  • 5G testing for both directions: uplink and downlink

The difference between 5G and 4G

The major difference between 5G and 4G technologies is that the products using 5G technology use larger number of antennas. In order to make sure that the signals sent from the product are as efficient as possible, 5G technology uses multi-beam forming when sending the signals.

When the number of 5G products increases the number of antennas in the products will increase as well which will require more efficient OTA (Over-the-Air) test solutions for 5G products. Conducted RF measurements, which have been traditionally used for measuring RF performance will become unpractical or nearly impossible.

5G testing

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