Verkotan has three accredited high quality OTA and Antenna test chambers. Test your devices in our state-of-art laboratories and ensure your wireless performance goals.

Antenna Test Chamber


  • Width: 7.3m
  • Length: 6.2m
  • Height: 6.8m
  • Measurement Distance: 3.4m

Frequency Range:

  • 400MHz – 20GHz

Measurement Uncertainties:

  • TRS: 0.69dB
  • TPR: 0.81dB
  • CTIA ripple test: 0.29dB
our ota and antenna test capabilities

mimo ota testing

3D MIMO Multipath Chamber

This lab can be used for 3GPP & CTIA draft MIMO measurements.In this chamger we are able to create the radio environment according to client’s needs and test your device in a repeatable and reliable way. It is also utilized for 5G test system solutions development.


  • Diameter: 6.0m
  • Height: 5.8m
  • Measurement Distance 2.2m

Measurement Antennas:

  • 38 dual polarized

Frequency Range:

  • 600MHz – 6GHz performance research.
our mimo ota test capabilities

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