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Anritsu enables Verkotan to meet new IoT requirements for Over the Air Testing

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Anritsu Corporation and Verkotan Oy are working together to enable support for the OTA (Over-The-Air) performance testing of wireless devices such as wearables and smart phones.

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ce marking testing and certification

CE mark and FCC certification from Verkotan

To serve our customers better, in addition to comprehensive OTA testing service portfolio we are now expanding our capabilities to cover accredited testing for SAR and EMC. Our goal is that our customers will get CE and FCC mark right from here in Oulu!

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Verkotan extends the service portfolio by combining services with some of the key partners

We now provide end to end services for all our customers in the wireless industry. Because of the feedback from our customers we have extended our offering to cover also EMC and SAR testing. This enables us to offer solutions for e.g. CE and FCC mark.


Verkotan Oy at CTIA Super Mobility and Delit DevCon in Las Vegas, USA


Verkotan took part at the CTIA Super Mobility and Delit DevCon in Las Vegas, USA.

At the conference we were presenting our new wearables testing methods

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Verkotan Oy is ready to provide CTIA and Wi-Fi alliance authorized Wlan-n testing

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Verkotan Oy has been authorized for CTIA and Wi-Fi Alliance Test Plan for RF performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi Mobile Converged Devices revision 2.0.1 In the CWG call June 17th, 2015, it was decided that revision 2.0.1 would become a requirement for certification testing 3 months after the CWG call scheduled for July 1st, 2015. Therefore, revision 2.0.1 will be required October 1st, 2015.


Verkotan Oy – an example of a spin off company that becomes alive after the former company disappears


At the Northern Glow event, a local newspaper Oululehti interviewed our Laboratory Manager Miia Nurkkala and Max Mickelsson from Microsoft.

“Verkotan is an excellent example of a spin off company that becomes alive after former company disappears.” – Max Mickelsson from Microsoft

Verkotan now employs four entrepreneurs and four employees. The market is big, the future looks good but the business brought also its own surprises.

“We were surprised how many of the tested devices are not smartphones but some other devices that uses radio signals.” – Miia Nurkkala

You can read the entire article from Oululehti (article is written in Finnish).

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New testing capabilities added

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Verkotan expands its OTA testing services to cover also CDMA testing and widens the band frequency from 6Ghz to 20Ghz!

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Verkotan is driving new OTA measurement development project for wearable devices!

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At the moment, wearable devices do not have any standards regarding wireless performance. Our focus is to develop high quality wireless communication performance measurement methods for measuring the performance of wearable products like sport watches, smart watches, activity bands and location recording devices. Project will also implement a measurement system in our laboratory environment during 2016.

RF ecosystem

RF ecosystem in Finland has wearable product developers, antenna simulation, design and manufacturing capabilities, chipset development competences and measurement abilities. By collecting individual companies’ skills into one group, we will accumulate a lot larger skill set compared to individual businesses on their own.

Our project is one of the HillaSpearhead projects. Hilla is a new large program focusing on accelerating research to business and ICT to new industries through smart specialization. Verkotan is co-operating in the project with Polar Electro Oy (wearable devices manufacturer),Pulse Electronics Corp . (Antenna designer), CWC (University of Oulu )(research) and VTT Electronics (research).

More information: Pekka Jokitalo


CTIA Authorized A-GPS OTA LTE capability


We are constantly developing and adding new testing methods into our offering in order to serve better the needs of the wireless industry. Recently we have widened our offering by adding CTIA Authorized A-GPS OTA LTE testing capability. We have extended our assisted GPS (A-GPS) Over-The-Air (OTA) testing to cover also LTE. Now we can do A-GPS testing for 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. All the tests are CTIA Authorized. LTE is now a standard capability on most new smartphones. That is why it has became essential to test the A-GPS functionality also over an LTE data connection. A-GPS also remains the most widely used positioning technology on mobile devices.

Antenna pattern measurement result

OTA benchmarking results available

antenna pattern

Verkotan has completed testing of Total Radiated Power [TRP] & Total Isotropic Sensitivity [TIS] performance of following best-selling mobile phones:

• iPhone 5 • iPhone 6 • Samsung S6 • Samsung Note 4 • LG G3 • Sony XperiaZ3 • Lumia 930

f you are interested in results, our Director of Sales Risto Timisjärvi is happy to provide you with more information. Stay tuned for MIMO OTA benchmark results coming soon.