OTA Testing

Over-the-Air testing is a requirement for PTCRB certification and is also often required by many carriers, vendors and standards organizations. Verkotan has the equipment, accreditation and experience of testing to provide our customers with high quality OTA testing and analyzing services. We can help you to meet OTA requirements stated by your wireless supplier or if your products need to be tested by a CTIA authorized test laboratory.

OTA Testing Capabilities

  • OTA 2G, 3G and 4G Testing
  • OTA WLAN Testing
  • OTA Bluetooth and BLE TRP & TIS testing
  • OTA A-GPS Testing
  • For all bands and common radio systems
    (GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT, etc.)
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Smart Phone OTA Testing

OTA testing measures device’s radiated Rf performance which is one of the most challenging product design areas in wireless devices. We can quickly locate the problems so that you can make the necessary design changes for the best possible RF performance. High accuracy OTA testing during the product R&D phase helps you to avoid very expensive product modifications at the final phase of the product development.

We can help you to understand OTA requirements for PTCRB and all operator requirements around the world.

With our extensive experience in OTA testing, we are capable of providing CTIA Authorized OTA testing services efficiently and faster than other commercially used systems. Our in-depth knowledge helps you to find solutions for degraded performance due to interference, call drops, high power consumption.

We can test e.g. the following products

  • Information technology products
  • Electrical products
  • Communication Products
We test according to following standards

We test according to following standards

CTIA Test for Wireless Device Over-the-Air PerformanceRadiated RF Power and

Receiver Performance

Wireless devices
3GPP TS34.114User Equipment (UE) /

Mobile Station (MS) Over-The-Air (OTA) antenna performance

Conformance testing

Wireless devices
3GPP TR 37.902Measurements of User

Equipment (UE) radio

performances for LTE/UMTS


Total Radiated

Power (TRP) and Total

Radiated Sensitivity (TRS) test


Wireless devices
3GPP TR 25.914Measurements of radio

performances for UMTS

terminals in speech mode

Wireless devices
CTIA/Wi-Fi Alliance Test Plan

for RF Performance Evaluation

of Wi-Fi Mobile Converged


RF Performance EvaluationWi-Fi Mobile Converged


OTA Testing Chambers

Thanks to our four accredited OTA chambers equipped with a wide range of different equipment, Verkotan can help customers to meet their OTA standards with a comprehensive range of efficient OTA testing services.

We perform all OTA testing in CTIA approved fully anechoic chambers to ensure that only signals to and from the device are measured. To measure each point, the positioning system moves the DUT (Device Under Test) relative to the measurement antenna.

We can provide support in creating new testing procedures and in applying standardized procedures prescribed by National and International specifications.

OTA Head Laboratory

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OTA Testing

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