Audio Quality Testing in Harsh Wireless Radio Environments Provided by Verkotan

“Know your device audio quality”

Verkotan is a testing laboratory operating in the wireless industry. We provide our customers the fastest and the most accurate wireless solutions, always striving for the best results.

We use our expertise, innovative testing methods and the latest ways of performing to ensure satisfaction and the best results for our customers. Further we would like to share one example on how Verkotan is using all the above advantages in practice:

Mobile device manufacturing company approached Verkotan with a request to test the audio quality of their products, to be sure that it complies with all the requirements on the market.

To get more reliable and beneficial results, Verkotan created test conditions for comparison of customers’ device and three other devices from high-profile competitors.

First part of the test was field testing.

We selected test networks from mega cities in China, India and Europe to represent different network design and vendors.  The test locations were specifically chosen to induce operators as well as our own test routes. We considered various techniques to measure the audio quality. One of which was the standard MOS score for speech and audio quality. Eventually, our experts decided that designing own customized tests instead will allow to achieve more accurate and comprehensive results in a real-life varying radio network conditions.

Second part of the test process were the lab stress tests.

Here in Verkotan we have a unique Call Performance Test which studies how well a 2G and 3G receivers perform in modern interference limited networks. We can use not only 3GPP channel models but also our own channel models simulating challenging live networks conditions.

The test results show the performance and limitations of mobile devices in terms of call drops, paging problems, audio failure and audio quality.

Our test provides developers of receivers and audio algorithms with reliable information on how their algorithms work in a harsh operating environment. The test results show which areas are working normally as well as areas for improvement.

Would you like to know more? Verkotan is always happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at Verkotan can verify your devices in the global environment.

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