First Patent to Verkotan

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We are happy to inform you about Verkotan first patent, granted on 14.12.2018.

The name of the invention is «Testing Method and Arrangement for GPS Positioning Measurements». Further below you can read a short description of the invention provided by one of our specialists.

“The invention discloses a test method and arrangement for testing GNNS signals in a test chamber. The test chamber walls have transmitting antennas that transmit simulated satellite signals. Dynamic satellite movements are simulated to create a true satellite signal. All visible satellites are considered to create simulated GPS signals across the whole virtual sky. The device under the test is attached to a moving and rotating body phantom located in the center of the chamber. Radio channel properties are modeled according to real-life environments and programmed into a real-time channel emulator and then transmitted to the antennas in the chamber.

Main application areas are sport watches, wearable health products, animal tracking and any device needing accurate positioning.”

The reference number of the invention is FI 127693 B.

If you wish to read the full version of the document, please contact us.

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It was a challenging effort and a very important step done by Verkotan specialists, as patent provides a valuable new asset and test service capability and other opportunities company’s operation. Patent application is pending also in the USA. Thus, we hope that you will share with us our joy and pride!

Here at Verkotan with more than 15 years of experiences in SAR testing, we can support you throughout the product development life cycle with our extensive expertise to ensure a safe and reliable product. Verkotan is happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at Verkotan can verify your devices in the global environment.

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