Tailored Test Solutions

Do you have a need for a new test method, test system or consulting regarding your device’s wireless performance?

We are able to combine existing tests and develop completely new tests and even test environments for your needs. We can help you to find solutions e.g. for: Degraded performance due to interference, call drops, high power consumption, to understand OTA certification and cellular operator requirements as well as to innovate new test methods.

Verkotan employees have each decades of years of experience in the wireless performance testing and test system development area. Our employees have developed and specified new test methods for 3GPP, CTIA and R&D use. Our in-depth knowledge helps our customer to detect the root causes for the performance problems and improve their products.


We have helped our customers to overcome issues regarding degraded performance due to interferencecall drops and high power consumption. We also created 2G&3G Receiver Test for Mobile Phones for one of our customers and GPS Air Performance Test.


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