Test Laboratories and Equipment

SAR Testing Equipment

2 x SPEAG's DASY5 SAR Test System

We are using DASY5 SAR test systems located in an RF shielded rooms. 

SAR Test Laboratory Capabilities:
  • Head, body and whole body capability
  • Measurable frequency range: 30-6000MHz
  • SAR testing in non-signaling and signaling modes
  • Dielectric parameter validation
DASY5 SAR test system for CE and FCC SAR testing

3 x SPEAG's TWIN SAM Phantom

Compliance testing of wireless devices in hand-held configurations according to IEC 62209-1, IEEE 1528, etc.


Length: 1000mm

Width: 500mm

Height: adjustable feet

TWIN SAM phantom for head and body SAR testing

BSTP-A - Base Station Phantom Adult

We have recently invested into 1.8 meter long Base Station Phantom, which is meant for SAR evaluations in accordance with the Base-Station Antenna Testing standards (e.g. IEC 62232). This phantom (BSTP-A) is for adult exposure assessments.


Length: 1540 mm
Width:    339 mm

Base Station Phantom for whole body SAR testing

3 x SPEAG's ELI Phantom

Flat phantom for compliance testing of handheld and body-mounted wireless devices in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz. 


Major axis: 600mm

Miner axis: 400mm

ELI phantom for SAR testing

3 x SPEAG's Modular Flat Phantom (MFP)

The Modular Flat Phantom consists of three identical modules that can be installed and removed separately without emptying the liquid. It is used for compliance testing of small wireless devices in body-worn configurations according to IEC 62209-2, etc.

Flat phantom for SAR testing
Example SAR result measured at Verkotan's SAR test laboratory

3D MIMO Multipath Laboratory

This is next generation OTA testing facility. Our lab can be used for 3GPP & CTIA draft MIMO measurements.This chamber allows you to recreate the radio environment of e.g.Time’s Square or Grand Canyon and test your device in repeatable and reliable way. It can also be utilized for 5G system.

Technical Specifications


  • Diameter: 6.0m
  • Height: 5.8m
  • Measurement Distance 2.2m

Measurement Antennas:

  • 38 dual polarized

Frequency Range:

  • 600MHz - 6GHz performance research.
MIMO OTA Chamber

3 Accredited High Quality OTA Test Laboratories

Wireless Systems

Performance testing:

  • GSM Bands
  • UMTS Bands
  • LTE Bands
  • CDMA bands
  • TD-SCDMA Bands
  • A-GPS
  • Passive Antenna Testing
  • Glonass
  • Beidou
  • FM Radio
  • Wlan
  • Bluetooth

Technical Specifications


  • Width: 7.3m
  • Length: 6.2m
  • Height: 6.8m
  • Measurement Distance: 3.4m

Frequency Range:

  • 400MHz – 20GHz

Measurement Uncertainties:

  • TRS: 0.69dB
  • TPR: 0.81dB
  • CTIA ripple test: 0.29dB
ota test laboratory

Antenna Proto Workshop


  • VNA (vector network analyzer)
  • soldering machine and plenty of different tools for antenna proto design work (drills etc.)
  • typical materials for antenna proto designs (copper, tape, semirigit, capasitors, consendators, coils etc.)