NATO’s DIANA-project approved for Finland

NATO's DIANA project approved two new cutting-edge facilities for Finland. Read on to see what this implies for the industry. Weiterlesen

NEWS: Verkotan Joins ‘Pioneering Aerospace’ at ILA Berlin 2024: A Premier Global Aerospace Trade Show

In a significant industry event, Verkotan joined ILA Berlin, hosted from June 5th to 9th, 2024, at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The company proudly unveiled its one-of-a-kind active near field to far field (NF to FF) antenna test service, attracting attention, receiving interesting comments, and gaining new insights. Weiterlesen

Are your products on market in Canada?

Verkotan ensures your products meet regulatory compliance in various markets. For Canada, it's crucial to adhere to the latest regulations. In December 2023, Canada’s ISED released RSS-102 Issue 6, which sets new requirements and measurement techniques for evaluating radio frequency exposure compliance for radiocommunication devices used near the human body, replacing Issue 5. Weiterlesen

The Importance of EMC Testing: Ensuring Reliability and Compliance with Verkotan

Why is EMC Testing important and why do you need it? Read this short article to gain a better understanding about EMC. Weiterlesen

Wi-Fi 7 Looking To Revolutionize Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 7 will be the 7th generation of Wi-Fi technology, expected to release in 2024. Keep reading to find out what's changing. Weiterlesen

Android 15 Introduces NFC Wireless Charging

Android 15 is looking to revolutionize the way we charge our devices. This latest update promises to enhance charging efficiency, speed, and convenience like never before. Weiterlesen

FCC Adopts Rules for IoT Cybersecurity Labeling Program

The FCC has adopted new rules for the IoT cybersecurity labeling program. Read this short article to get the key details! Weiterlesen

EU Trade’s Mutual Recognition Agreements article about Verkotan

The European Commission wrote an exciting article about Verkotan's success under their Mutual Recognition Agreements. Read on to find out more! Weiterlesen

NEWS: Verkotan’s D-Band Antenna Presentation at EuCAP Glasgow 2024

Verkotan attended EuCAP Glasgow 2024. Read on to learn more about Marko's presentation. Weiterlesen

Meet our trainee: Pauliina Ahokas

Today it is time to introduce our trainee Pauliina! Continue reading to find out more about her tasks and responsibilities. Weiterlesen