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Maßgeschneiderte Prüflösungen für Antennen und Radiofrequenzexposition zur Bewertung der Leistung Ihres Drahtlosprodukts zwecks Ermöglichung eines raschen Zugangs zu den globalen Märkten. Wir sind ein akkreditiertes Prüflabor.


Advances in Wi-Fi Technology and RF Exposure Testing Capabilities

In this article we discuss Wi-Fi 6E, its importance, testing procedures and how we can help with them with our recently improved capabilities. Weiterlesen

NEWS: RF exposure of low power equipment

Did you know that if your radio device is a low power equipment and meets certain requirements, it might not require SAR testing. Read more to find out if your device is considered as a low power equipment! Weiterlesen

Teuvo Heikkinen – Manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development at Verkotan

Meet our Manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development Teuvo! Teuvo has a long working history and is always ready to help others with his extensive experience. Read more about Teuvo’s work experience and work at Verkotan. Weiterlesen

Towards green electronics: Biobased and sustainable applications of the microelectronics -project

Verkotan is part of Towards green electronics -project. Read more below! Weiterlesen