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Richtig entwickeln.

Maßgeschneiderte Prüflösungen für Antennen und Radiofrequenzexposition zur Bewertung der Leistung Ihres Drahtlosprodukts zwecks Ermöglichung eines raschen Zugangs zu den globalen Märkten. Wir sind ein akkreditiertes Prüflabor.



Over-the-Air testing of millimetre waves

Millimetre wave 5G technology will provide lower latency, greater speed, and better quality of service. Nevertheless, millimetre waves pose new challenges to network connections due to short length of the waves. What are these problems, how are they solved and how Verkotan can help verifying 5G millimetre wave connections? Continue reading to find out! Weiterlesen

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Nina Metso – Quality Specialist at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our employees! Our Quality Specialist Nina Metso will introduce herself and her responsibilities. Continue reading to find out what her daily tasks contain and what is the most challenging part of her job! Weiterlesen

Certification & Approval

Pre-compliance SAR testing

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing is mandatory for radio devices used closer than 20 centimetres from human body or head. Continue reading to find out why we recommend optimized pre-compliance SAR test to comply with SAR requirements. Weiterlesen

Phone RF Modifications

Verkotan Phone RF Modification

Verkotan can modify phones for RF performance testing, current consumption testing and other various conducted testing purposes. Continue reading to find out what Verkotan phone modification is and what are its greatest challenges! Weiterlesen