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Verkotan ist ein nach FINAS SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 akkreditiertes Testlabor, das in der Funkindustrie tätig ist. Akkreditierte Aktivitäten werden von ILAC MRA abgedeckt.



Cell Phone Waves – Why Testing Cell Phone Waves is Crucial?

“Hello, can you hear me?” We all have heard those words. A cell phone sends and receives calls without any kind of wire connections, but how does it actually work? If you have not heard about OTA (over-the-air) testing, keep reading this. It is strongly related to the cell phone in your pocket. Weiterlesen

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Meet Arttu & Jesper — Interview with SAR Trainees

How has the summer been for Verkotan trainees? A couple of months ago, Arttu and Jesper joined Verkotan’s SAR testing team. They have been working in our laboratory the whole summer and now they will share their experiences. Weiterlesen

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Meet Andreas, Oona and Emma: Interview with Sales and Marketing Trainees

Summer is here and so are our trainees! Many new faces have joined us in recent months both in laboratories and at the office. Some of them have been working at Verkotan for a longer period and some have just started. Let us start by introducing our sales and marketing trainees Oona, Emma and Andreas. Weiterlesen

SAR Testing

France SAR regulation 1st July 2020

From the 1st of July the SAR regulation in France have changed. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) manages all radio frequencies in France and has now extended the obligation to inform the consumer regarding the specific absorption rate (SAR) to all radio equipment emitting more than 20 mW and intended to be used near the body. Weiterlesen