Artificial Intelligence for Green networks -project

Verkotan is part of an Artificial Intelligence for Green networks (AI4Green) project. A14Green is built around the need for sustainable network design and management by saving energy with guaranteed network performance. Project develops machine learning algorithms for green network management and network anomaly detection; proposes new architectures enabling joint orchestration of radio, transport and cloud processing resources. Read more

SAR Testing below 30 MHz

Did you know that Verkotan has the capability to do SAR testing at low frequencies starting from 4 MHz? Read more

Regional differences in RF exposure regulation

Compliance SAR testing is required for all the radio devices that are used closer than 20 cm to the human head or body. Read more about the regional differences in RF exposure regulation below. Read more

FCC reduces SAR test exclusion power threshold for Bluetooth from 10mW to 3mW

FCC has published a new interim version of RF Exposure Procedures and Equipment Authorization Policies for Mobile and Portable Devices in November 2021. Read more

Evolution of wireless technologies – towards higher frequencies

Technology is moving towards higher frequencies to reach higher data rates and capacity. Higher frequencies require development in devices, technologies, and antenna measurement test methods. We are pushing our testing technologies towards 100 GHz testing capabilities to serve our customers better. Read more about the possibilities and challenges of high frequencies. Read more

Objective third-party base station antenna radiation pattern testing

To ensure reliable connection of a base station network, it must consist of reliable high-performing base station antennas. Verkotan offers objective third party base station antenna testing to verify the performance of an antenna. Read more

OTA testing for printed antennas

Have you heard about printed antennas? As the name indicates, printed antennas are manufactured with printing technologies. This year we performed over-the-air (OTA) wireless performance testing to Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd’s (VTT) printed antenna. Continue reading to find out more about this project! Read more

How to prepare for OTA antenna testing?

Are you looking for a test laboratory to perform an over-the-air antenna test for you wireless device? We are here to help you. Read our article to find out how to prepare for over-the-air antenna testing! Read more

Summer work experience at Verkotan

Meet our summer worker Elli. In June, Elli worked at Verkotan with our SAR testing team. Read what she has learned and what she thinks are the strengths of Verkotan! Read more

AI4Green Project Participation – Verkotan

Have you heard about Artificial Intelligence for Green Networks (AI4Green) project? Among other things, this project aims at more energy efficient radio access and core networks. Read more about AI4Green project and Verkotan’s participation to the project. Read more