5G Wireless

The story behind test system software development

Test system software is used to automate OTA testing processes. Verkotan professionals have over 20 years of experience in the field of test system development. Read more to find out how these test systems are developed and how they ease the process of testing. Read more

5G Wireless

We have updated our robot aided antenna testing chamber

Our updated OTA test chamber allows us to achieve even more accurate test results in a wider frequency range. Click to read more. Read more


Priority Project

We have participated to the PRIORITY project aiming at developing new solutions for Finnish Critical Communications Ecosystems. Read more

Certification & Approval

When to show RF exposure compliance with calculations

RF exposure compliance of electronic and electrical equipment with the basic restrictions, or with the reference levels, is usually determined by testing. However, if the product meets certain requirements, the RF exposure compliance can be shown by calculations without any testing. Continue reading for more information about RF exposure calculations. Read more


NB-IoT measurements for Posti’s new parcel lockers

Verkotan has been developing Finnish postal service, Posti’s, new parcel lockers with Posti and its technology partners. Below you can read more information about this exiting project! Read more

Certification & Approval

Changes in RF exposure guidance

The FCC has published an update to KDB Publication 447498 D01 General RF Exposure Guidance v06. Changes in this standard indicate that more devices entering the U.S. market require SAR testing. Read more


RF exposure testing of wireless charging systems

Wireless charging systems are becoming more common in day-to-day use. Broad range of applications from consumer electronics to automotive employ this technology. For example, mobile phones and tablets as well as electric vehicles may have the option of wireless charging. Wireless charging systems require testing to ensure the safe use these devices. Read more to find out how the safe use of these systems is verified! Read more


Collaboration: Deutsche Telekom & Verkotan

We are happy announce that we are collaborating with the industry leader telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom. Read more to find out what this means to us! Read more

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Kirsi Kyllönen – RF Exposure Expert at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our employees, RF exposure expert Kirsi Kyllönen! Kirsi is part of our SAR testing team. Continue reading to find out what is the main challenge within the industry and how Kirsi responds to that in her everyday work. Read more