Verkotan Company From The Inside

Verkotan Company From The Inside: Interview with Wireless Performance Test Engineering Trainee

Verkotan values its trainees. Trainees get to learn and utilise their knowledge in real working environment while Verkotan gets fresh spirit and innovative ideas. Both sides have found this to be a well working combo. Read more

5G Wireless

Verkotan provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service According to 3GPP TS38.141-2

Starting from March 2020 Verkotan provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service according to 3GPP TS38.141-2, 6.2 radiated transmit power and 7.2 OTA sensitivity for base stations and ancillary equipment. Verkotan is one of the first commercial laboratories to provide this high-quality accredited test service for 5G NR OTA testing certification. Read more

5G Wireless

Verkotan− A Reliable Partner in Mobile Device Testing

Multiple technologies and radios are used for wireless communication connections. For example, phones that have the 2 to 5G cellular radios, Wireless LAN, Multiple satellite positioning systems, Bluetooth and Near-Field Communication all have their own specific requirements. We at Verkotan test all of the above and more, in order to help our customers to bring new devices to the market. Read more


Verkotan’s Services for New Space Economy

Verkotan has a lot to offer in the space industry. Read more


RF Exposure Evaluations: Interview with Laboratory Manager Miia Nurkkala

This time we interviewed our laboratory manager Miia Nurkkala. Miia tells about Verkotan’s RF exposure capabilities and testing capacity. Every product that has a radio transmitter in it needs an RF exposure evaluation. Read more

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Verkotan Company From The Inside: Interview with Veli-Matti Niemitalo

Introducing our new team member: Interview with Wireless Test System Engineer −Veli-Matti Niemitalo Read more


Verkotan Working with Posti on an Innovative New Service

Verkotan is proud to announce a joint project “SP-400” with Posti -Finnish Postal Service. SP400 -project has a goal to create a new kind of automatic service concept, which brings the mail service closer to the customer and enhances the customer experience. Read more

5G Wireless

5G Wireless Testing: Interview with Chief Scientist Jani Kallankari

5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology can now be considered to be part of the reality. This means new and exciting things for Verkotan. We interviewed our Chief Scientist Jani Kallankari and he is now answering questions about 5G testing and explains why Verkotan is a great partner regarding your 5G wireless testing needs. Read more

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Verkotan Company From The Inside: Interview with Jöns Tuomaranta

We asked a few questions from our R&D Project Manager- Jöns Tuomaranta. Read more

Phone RF Modifications

First 5G Phone RF Modifications at Verkotan

Now that 5G devices are continuously increasing, we have expanded our service portfolio here at Verkotan to cover also 5G in addition to our 2G, 3G and 4G capabilities. Companies planning to jump in the 5G bandwagon or already being there, can use our services to make sure that their device is efficient and works correctly. This time we introduce our RF Modification services. Our Laboratory Manager, Miia Nurkkala, has provided answers to the questions. Read more