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The GSMA Antenna group was very impressed with the quality of the work that was completed. Verkotan test results provided valuable information on different smartphones LTE radio performance.

 – Paul Gosden, GSMA

 Verkotan’s call performance tests further improve Spreadtrum chipsets’ performance. Tests effectively reveal how chipset receiver algorithms cope in interference limited operation conditions. Test results helped Spreadtrum algorithm designers to focus their work.

“We are really pleased with the efficiency, high level of customer service and technical excellence that Verkotan has demonstrated. Wiko highly recommends them to other companies in the wireless industry!”

– Olivier Simon, CTO

From the first contact to Verkotan everything went smoothly. We got the test slot when needed, thanks to Verkotan’s flexibility. Very competent service and Verkotan’s fast test system helped us to get the test results fast.

– Mikko Miettinen, Bittium

”The service was very professional and fast. Our project with Verkotan went smoothly according to the plan and the test results were delivered on time”

– Harri Salo, Head Of Operations

Specim is a world leading company for manufacturing hyperspectral imaging instruments such as hyperspectral cameras and systems.

One of the biggest reasons why we chose Verkotan to help us out with the wireless performance measurements, was their strong knowledge of the OTA testing area and their ability to create new well-built test solutions and testing systems. They are flexible and customer friendly test house that answers for the customer’s needs.

 – Kari Räisänen, COO

Verkotan performed 5G Beamforming Antenna Measurements to Orbis Systems 5G OTA testing development reference antenna. We were highly impressed of the efficient and fast Verkotan team and the accurate test results. This is very important for Orbis Systems to keep our position in market as leading test system provider also with 5G technologies. This pleasant experience proves us that Verkotan is really at the forefront of researching and performing 5G testing. Our cooperation has worked very smoothly, and we are excited to continue Orbis Systems 5G OTA antenna testing with Verkotan in the future.

– Tuomo Tolonen, COO

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Verkotan built up a reference antenna measurement OTA system for us, so that we were able to compare our devices’ radiated OTA performance against other solutions out in the market. Verkotan is capable of providing extremely professional service to answer different testing and verification issues.

– Kari Lehtinen, CTO

Verkotan was able to provide Tactotek both test facilities as well as a workshop to make design changes on our antennas. Test engineers were also always available when needed. This made the antenna test and design process extremely fast,because we did not have to go all the way back to our own antenna workshops between the tests to make design changes.

 – Anne Isohätälä, Antenna Specialist

One of our preferred local companies is Verkotan, which is a perfect example of a customer oriented and highly professional company in the Oulu region. With Verkotan we were able to get tailored testing support in wireless performance testing for our groundbreaking smart sensor device, Thingsee One.

Heini Tuorila, Marketing Director 

Verkotan provided us tailored OTA testing so that our designers were able to ensure that ŌURA ring work perfectly even if used in challenging environment. 

– Matti Mäkiniemi, Test Manager

We have been working with Verkotan during the development of one of our products. Some key aspects that we really appreciate:

– Professionalism, knowledge and technical rigour
– Timely response to all our queries
– Flexibility and availability
– High standard of test reports
– Cutting edge test facilities and equipment
– Warm and welcoming staff

We highly recommend Verkotan and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

– Pablo I. Martín, Senior Electronics Design Engineer

Verkotan efficiently customized their OTA tests to match our specific needs. Testing gave us valuable information about our antenna perfromance and thus helps us to optimize our solution deployments.

– Izydor Sokoler, System Architect

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Kunder 2019

Verkotan Customer Antenna Map

ELY-projekt 2016-2020

ELY-projekt 2016-2020ELY (Centrum för ekonomisk utveckling, transport och miljö) och Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden (ERUF) ger utvecklingsbidrag till små och medelstora företags investeringar och utvecklingsåtgärder. Dessa hjälpmedel beviljas för företag som just startat ny verksamhet, som vill förnya sin verksamhet och investera i tillväxt, särskilt på global nivå.

2016 ansökte Verkotan om bidrag från ELY Center och ERUF. De beviljade projekten kallades “Tillhandahållande av testtjänster för wearables globalt”. Projektet startade 2016 och avslutades i december 2018. Under denna tid sökte Verkotan efter globala affärsmöjligheter för att testa tjänster för wearables och projektet innefattade även utrustningsinvesteringar. Tack vare finansieringen kunde vi utöka våra testtjänster till bärbara datorer bland andra trådlösa enheter.

2018 ansökte Verkotan om finansiering för ett projekt som heter ”Att tillhandahålla nya testtjänster för 4G- och 5G-IoT-enheter”. Detta innefattade att söka affärsmöjligheter för att testa 4G- och 5G-enheter globalt såväl som investeringar i nödvändig utrustning för denna typ av testning. Målet är att lära oss om marknaden och möjliggöra nya testtjänster. Projektet pågår fram till juni 2020.

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