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Verkotan Advances Nerve Stimulation Testing with DASY8 Module WPT V2.6+

Verkotan enhances nerve stimulation testing with the DASY8 Module WPT V2.6+, ensuring compliance with safety standards and supporting wireless technology development.

By Marena | on 09.07.2024 at 07:47 GMT+0200. | Modified 10.07.2024 at 07:36 GMT+0200.

Verkotan Advances Nerve Stimulation Testing with DASY8 Module WPT V2.6+

Verkotan’s Latest Progress in Nerve Stimulation Testing

Verkotan has recently made significant advances in nerve stimulation testing. Leveraging the cutting-edge DASY8 Module WPT V2.6+, Verkotan is now able to see assess internal electric fields according to the RSS-102 NS.MEANS (Nerve Stimulation) measurement standard.

The DASY8 Module WPT V2.6+ allows manufacturers to demonstrate compliance against a basic restriction rather than more conservative reference levels. A tested device can fail against reference levels but still meet basic restrictions and therefore be compliant with the exposure regulation.

Ensuring Compliance with DASY Module WPT V2.6+

DASY( Module WPT V2.6+ DASY Module WPT is composed of a fields probe MAGPy mounted to a DASY8 robot. It measures the incident electric (E-) and the magnetic (H-) fields in a volume from the surface of the DUT by using an advanced field reconstructions and ensures compliance with various international standards, including ICNIRP, IEEE, FCC, and HC Safety Code 62.

This picture shows the DASY8 Module mmWave, a compact device with intricate circuitry.

Verkotan remains committed to providing accurate and reliable testing services to support the development of safe and efficient wireless technologies. Stay tuned for more updates on our groundbreaking work!

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