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Tailored antenna and radio frequency exposure test solutions to evaluate your wireless product performance and enable fast access to global markets. We are a FINAS SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory.

New at Verkotan: 2D and 3D antenna pattern measurements for antennas up to 3 meters in size, weighing max 150 kilograms.

Latest news

MIMO, Multiuser MIMO and Massive MIMO

MIMO technology enables greater data speed & a lot greater data transfer capacity. Read more about MIMO technologies and MIMO antenna testing. Read more

Jani Kallankari – chief scientist at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our founding members! Our chief scientist Jani Kallankari will introduce himself and his responsibilities. Continue reading to find out what Jani does at Verkotan and what he likes the most! Read more

Energy efficient antennas – Antenna testing to Elisa Oyj

The wireless performance of an antenna affects its energy-efficiency and this way to its sustainability. Verkotan has performed OTA antenna pattern measurements to the first Nordic carbon neutral operator, Elisa. Read more to find out how is antenna testing related to environmental sustainability. Read more

Antenna gain measurement for FCC antenna information requirement

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has introduced a new general requirement on Antenna Information. This applies to all Part 15 certifications granted after August 25, 2022. Read more