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Verkotan is a FINAS SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory operating in the wireless industry. Accredited activities are covered by ILAC MRA.

With 20+ years of experience, we help organizations like yours in radio device testing and certification projects. Our services range from product development testing to global market approvals. 

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First Patent to Verkotan, granted 14.12.2018

«Testing method and arrangement for GPS Positioning Measurements»

  • The invention discloses a test method and arrangement for testing GNNS signals in a test chamber. The test chamber walls have transmitting antennas that transmit simulated satellite signals.
  • Dynamic satellite movements are simulated to create a true satellite signal. All visible satellites are considered to create simulated GPS signals across the whole virtual sky. The device under the test is attached to a moving and rotating body phantom located in the center of the chamber.
  • Radio channel properties are modeled according to real-life environments and programmed into a real-time channel emulator and then transmitted to the antennas in the chamber.
  • Main application areas are sport watches, wearable health products, animal tracking and any device needing accurate positioning.

Patent reference number: FI 127693 B

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