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5G Wireless

New service from Verkotan – 5G OTA Mobile Terminal Testing

We are always looking for new ways to fulfill customer needs. That is why we are happy to tell you that our testing capability has been now extended for 5G Over the Air Mobile Terminal. This means that we are now able to measure 5G mobile terminal performance. Read more

Verkotan Company From The Inside

Fatih Bayramoglu- Test system engineer at Verkotan

Again, it is time to introduce you one of our employees. Today, our test system engineer Fatih will tell you about himself, his responsibilities and the work atmosphere at Verkotan. By reading this article you also find out what is it that test system engineer does on his free time. Read more

5G Wireless

Antenna measurement data visualization tool now available from Verkotan!

We at Verkotan are always seeking improvement and continuously developing our services to fit our customer needs. Our core competence is wireless testing, and we know how tricky comparing and visualizing multiple antenna measurement results can sometimes be. That is why we are extremely excited to tell you about our new data visualization tool: AntView. Read more

Press Release

Verkotan has extended the scope – Accredited Test Laboratory 3GPP TS 37.145-2

We got it! Verkotan has extended the scope from the Accredited Test Laboratory TS 38.141-2 to cover 3GPP TS 37.145-2. New testing area covers Active Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) conformance testing 3GPP TS 37.145-2 Section 6.2 covers EIRP - Effective Isotropic Radiated Power measurements and section 7.2 covers Open The Air - OTA sensitivity measurements. Read more