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The story of Antview®

AntView® is our data analysis and visualization tool for antenna measurements. It is one of its kind, we have developed it in-house to be able to report the antenna pattern measurements in clear, understandable, and organized manner. Read a short story about how we developed this excellent tool to ease the process of data analysis and visualization!

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The story of Antview®

About AntView®

Our AntView® tool makes analyzing and storing antenna measurement results easier and more efficient by organizing and visualizing data.  It enables fast antenna pattern analysis with which multiple antenna measurement results can be easily compared and presented. The feature we are extremely proud about AntView®, is that it enables reporting the results in an easy-to-understand format with colors, graphs, and parameters. The database is easily accessed through web browser and cloud service, so the test results are easily accessible. If you are interested, we are happy to offer the software solution for your company.

Where it all began

The problem was that the comparison of the antenna test results of different antenna vendors was extremely difficult. For example, the comparison of antenna patterns and BASTA parameters was almost impossible. As a solution we created AntView®. It eases the process of comparing, visualizing, and reporting the antenna test results and BASTA parameters.

In addition, before AntView®, a custom script was needed to be done for each client separately to be able to report the test results. It took time and increased the costs.  The results were reported through Excel, Matlab or through similar kind of a program from where the information was hard to find.  With AntView®, the information is easily accessible in one place.

High-quality accurate test reports

We continuously develop our software and continuously assure that our test reports contain only accurate test results. Our test results are verified by quality assurance check. The quality assurance check to AntView® is done by importing some known test measurements of a reference antenna to the database. After that, the results are looked through to see if everything is working right.

The check can be done manually. It means that one of our professionals looks through the results and checks that all the measurements are accurate and there are no errors. The test cases are described in Jira with the help of Zephyr. The check can be also done by automated process. This means that another software we use goes through the results and reports if there are any errors. The technologies used in automated check are Jenkins, Python Unit test, REST API.

Technologies used in AntView

Our AntView® database is MongoDB. The backend technologies used, among others, are Django, Python, Numpy, Docker, Linux and the frontend technologies used, among others, are React, JSX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

How to use AntView®?

Here are short instructions how to use Antview.

Do you have a need for a tailored test system software?

Our skilled professionals are ready to help you to create a software for your needs. AntView® is a great example of an excellent software we have developed in-house. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to help!

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