AntView - Antenna Measurement Data Analysis and Visualization Tool

AntView® is a tool that makes analyzing, comparing, and storing antenna measurement results easier and more efficient. The key is the way how the data is visualized and organized.

AntView® enables fast antenna characteristics analysis. With AntView®, you can easily compare multiple antenna pattern measurement results and present them in easy-to-understand format with colours, graphs, and parameters, e.g., BASTA parameters.

What can you do with AntView®?

  • Compare multiple antenna measurement results of different manufactures easily 
  • Easy comparison of BASTA parameters of different antennas of various antenna vendors
  • Flexible selection of y and x axels for easy antenna test result comparison 
  • Upload data to the database easily  
  • Store test results efficiently 
  • Save your view settings for fast future analysis and comparison templates to save your time
  • Get antenna characteristics analysis and calculations in no time
  • Retrieve the results from AntView® and present them in an easily understandable format 
  • Easy export of the antenna test result analysis and comparisons
Clarity with visualization 

When comparing the results, you are able to see the differences more easily and clearly, because differences are demonstrated with parameters and graphs. When presenting the data, results are visualized in an easily understandable format with colors and graphs.

How to use AntView®

Watch a quick introduction of how to use AntView®

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