Antenna Design and Simulation

We can help you to develop and improve antenna solutions for your wireless device. We produce reliable simulation results that can be used to produce an accurate antenna prototype.

We will improve your process efficiency and ensure optimal device performance while you can concentrate on developing a superior device.

Antenna Design

Designing an antenna is a complex process, which reduces your time to market and increases your product development costs. Antenna Design service fits into your product development process so that you can focus on developing your product while we bring in our best antenna design expertise, equipment, and facilities.  

What is our approach for Antenna Design and Simulation?

  • The process begins with gathering your specific requirements which later transforms itself as a product prototype.
  • The next step is a feasibility study of the product from the design perspective. Here we make sure that your product plan and connectivity requirements are usable.
  • Final result: with our skilled professionals, right tools, and correct modeling we produce excellent simulation results that can be used to produce an antenna prototype.
Antenna Simulation

Our simulation-driven antenna design process helps you to develop better wireless products faster with lower development costs. We can accurately simulate the RF performance already early in the design phase and estimate actual antenna performance even before prototypes are built.

RF material characterization

Precise RF material characterization of plastics/ceramics/polymer composites used in wireless devices at GHz frequencies is of utmost importance for antenna / EMC designers. Having known accurate material parameters helps in getting accurate simulation results and also to avoid unnecessary multiple prototyping rounds.

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