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Test system software solutions for 5G mobile devices, base station and IoT devices testing. We provide you with turn-key solutions for antenna testing, RF OTA test system and test automation.

We have developed wireless performance RF OTA test systems since the 1990’s for mobile devices and infra devices used in various radio systems from 2G to 5G. We have also implemented test system solutions for WLAN, BT, BLE, and GNSS systems. Our latest test system software solutions are used for 5G mobile devices, base station and IoT devices testing.

Our key competences

Our software experts have experience from working within small teams to large organizations and are familiar with agile software development practices and software processes, from version control, software documentation, feature, issue and release management to project management.

Our core competences include developing software for measurement systems, including hardware automation and data visualization. We have also strong experience in distributed systems and full stack-development. Below we have listed case examples and our key competence areas and tools.

We provide software subcontracting services to our clients for all kinds of projects. Our expertise and quality of work will be a valuable asset for the development of your product. We can provide an expert to work with your team or we can fully develop your product here at Verkotan.

Key competences and tools

  • Scientific computing, data visualization, measurement systems, hardware integration, full-stack web development, embedded systems, wireless systems, algorithm design, big data analysis
  • Django, Docker, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, NumPy, SciPy, PHP, REST, Bash scripts, MATLAB, C, C#, C++, C, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, JIRA

Case examples

  • Designing and developing antenna measurement result database, analysis, visualization, comparison and benchmarking tool
  • Developing 5G active antenna measurement test system software
  • Measurement automation and software development for Over-the-Air RF-measurements
  • Development of a testing framework for embedded devices and IoT networks including the needed APIs
  • Back-end, front-end and full stack development, and test automation
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Co-Founder & CEO

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Ilpo Vilén

Sales & Marketing Manager

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