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Summer work experience at Verkotan

Meet our summer worker Elli. In June, Elli worked at Verkotan with our SAR testing team. Read what she has learned and what she thinks are the strengths of Verkotan!

By Lotta | on 03.08.2022 at 12:51 GMT+0200. | Modified 08.11.2022 at 18:59 GMT+0200.

Summer work experience at Verkotan
Who are you and where you come from?

I am Elli, 17-year-old high school student. I worked at Verkotan for two weeks during summer. 

How did you find Verkotan?

My mother is a laboratory manager here, so I came to work for Verkotan through her.

What are the benefits of working at Verkotan for your future?

Working at Verkotan improves employment opportunities because it increases my work experience. I have also learned a lot about working life and this experience will definitely benefit me in new jobs in the future.

What was your biggest achievement at Verkotan?

I have learned to make tissue simulating liquids for SAR-testing. I’m have been given instructions on how to make the liquid and the percentages of all the ingredients. Based on the instructions, I count how much of each substance comes in and I mix the liquid according to the instructions.

What did you learn from other Verkotan employees?

I learned that sometimes you have to be creative at work and make compromises if there’s a problem. Different employees taught me different things, depending on the job. Someone taught me to test the conductivity of a fluid and another how to send mail overseas.

Why would you recommend Verkotan to others?

Verkotan has a close-knit work community where everyone gets along. It’s nice to come to work because the days are never the same. At Verkotan you will learn a lot of new and special things that you would not learn in other jobs.

What do you think are the strengths of Verkotan?

Interoperability and outward orientation.

In my eyes Verkotan seems to be a company that tries to make collaboration and trading as easy as possible. Customer-friendliness came to the fore, for example, when we packed “summer gifts” for customers around the world.

Verkotan offers several kinds of services, and the staff has a wide range of expertise. The atmosphere in the work community is also easygoing to outside, as the company tries to be as flexible as possible for its customers as well.

Where you see Verkotan in five years?

Verkotan still does the same thing with the latest equipment or in updated workspaces. Of course, the work team may have changed as well.

Verkotan is always looking for new talents in various positions and internships. If you want to know more, contact us and let’s discuss about the possibilities.

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