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NEWS: 5G NR Beam Testing – Downlink capacity

Verkotan can perform downlink 5G NR beam testing. Read more below!

By Sanni | on 12.04.2023 at 08:00 GMT+0200. | Modified 23.05.2023 at 07:46 GMT+0200.

NEWS: 5G NR Beam Testing – Downlink capacity

Verkotan can perform downlink 5G NR beam testing for your wireless device. Downlink performance is crucial considering the end-user customer satisfaction as well as the network operator’s image. Downlink performance means how well the end-user can receive data transmitted by the base station. Downlink 5G NR beam test aims to characterize adjacent beams effect to the downlink throughput. 5G base station tester is used to make controlled and reproduceable connection. Real mobile phone is used to realistically simulate adjacent beam interference behaviour to downlink throughput.

Beam performance testing setup

The measurements are performed in anechoic chamber. The antenna is rotated to characterize the performance from different directions.

  • Measured parameter is throughput as a function of mobile phone location
  • Base line throughput testing is done without adjacent beams
  • Throughput testing is done with adjacent beams to see performance degradation from adjacent beams (1&3)

Result beam throughput map

Throughput is a measure of how much data can be send in e.g., one second. Throughput map shows how antenna patterns locate in the surface of the earth. Throughput map shows the archived downlink throughput as a function of direction and relative throughput degradation from neighbour cell. Throughput coverage map can be generated if antenna mast height and antenna down tilt is known.

Red indicates good throughput and blue indicates weaker throughput. The picture above is an illustration of a throughput map and is not an actual measurement result.

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