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Meet our trainee: Pauliina Ahokas

Today it is time to introduce our trainee Pauliina! Continue reading to find out more about her tasks and responsibilities.

By Jaako | on 27.03.2024 at 12:03 GMT+0200.

Meet our trainee: Pauliina Ahokas

Q: Tell us about your education and inspiration to train at Verkotan Oy? 

A: I am in the final year of the degree program in Information technology; device and product design at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I am inspired by Verkotan for the opportunity to test real products with state-of-the-art tools and not just simulations. The close-knit workgroup is also a huge bonus — I can ask questions directly from industry professionals and soak up the knowledge which is equal to a diploma course in itself!

Q: What is your schedule – do you work at the office or in the field? 

A: My “office” is in the field, so I’d say both. I have my own corner that has a signal generator and an analyser, and I also work in the test chambers that are near me. 

Q: How would you utilize the training program to further your career in your chosen field? Do you already have a job offer? 

A: I don’t have a definite job offer, but I have gained connections in my trainings. I plan on utilizing the skills I have learned here, especially working with the test equipment. 

Q: How can you contribute to the industry with your learnings from this training? 

A: This is a very hard question. The future catches up so soon in this is a field of work where constant upkeep of skills is needed. The learnings thus far will serve as a good base for the chosen career path.

Q: How is the training program structured? 

A: My training is divided into three projects, each containing 200 workhours and 70 hours reserved for documentation, overall, 810 hours. After I am done with the product development projects, I start doing bachelor’s thesis that I have planned to do in here too.  

Q: How do you interact with fellow trainees in the program? Do your share similar tasks or each one does different tasks? 

A: We don’t interact that much, since our tasks do not overlap and we do not share the same work area, but we do still work in the same building and talk during lunch.

Verkotan is always looking for new talents in various positions and internships. If you want to know more, contact us and let’s discuss about the possibilities.