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Nina Metso – Quality Specialist at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our employees! Our Quality Specialist Nina Metso will introduce herself and her responsibilities. Continue reading to find out what her daily tasks contain and what is the most challenging part of her job!

By Lotta | on 08.12.2021 at 13:31 GMT+0200. | Modified 13.12.2021 at 10:24 GMT+0200.

Nina Metso – Quality Specialist at Verkotan

Nina has more than twenty years of experience in the electronics industry. She has worked in many different roles from purchasing to quality assessment and product development. She is used to working in an international atmosphere, so it was easy for her to adapt to Verkotan work environment. Let’s find out what Nina has to say about working at Verkotan!

What is your current position and responsibilities?

I am a Quality Specialist (ISO9001 and ISO17025) at Verkotan, but I also have responsibilities with sales and marketing, sourcing and logistics.

What is the main challenge within the industry and how do you respond to that in your everyday work?

Technology development is in the fast track. Testing standard methods are changing and new requirements will change Verkotan test services according to the new test scopes and standards. Thus, anticipation for the future is very important.

What are the values that drive you?

Happy customers, systematic way of working, clear goals and continuous improvement.

What are your personal features that have affected your success at work?

My outgoing personality and wide experience in different areas of the electronics industry. My experience gives me a broad perspective and ability to use my professional experience so that my workdays vary a lot.

How would you describe working at Verkotan? What are the things you like the most?

Verkotan is a small but flexible company. I like my diverse job description. During hot summer days company is providing ice cream 🍦

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

One of the challenges is that we have many open tasks at the same time, and they require prioritization. Nevertheless, we have good processes and systems which help with this. Another challenge is that sometimes customers do not know or understand what is required for CE, FCC or ISED certification, which requires a lot of explaining, but we are here to help!

How did you find joining the team when you first started at the company?

Joining the team was easy, I have been working here earlier during 2016-2017 so I knew most of the people already.

How is the working atmosphere?

Personnel atmosphere is great and supportive. Even when there are busy times, a sense of humour is not forgotten.

Are you satisfied with your current position? Do you feel the job is challenging enough for example in terms of knowledge and experience?

Yes, my job contains enough challenges. Continuous improvement and adapting to the new requirements and standards are keeping me on my toes and the ability to learn new is highly motivating

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