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Miia Nurkkala – Laboratory Manager at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our founders! Our laboratory manager Miia Nurkkala will introduce herself and her responsibilities. Continue reading to find out more about her daily tasks as an entrepreneur.

By Lotta | on 14.07.2022 at 10:32 GMT+0200. | Modified 24.03.2023 at 10:05 GMT+0200.

Miia Nurkkala – Laboratory Manager at Verkotan

Miia Nurkkala is one of Verkotan’s founding members. She is a master of Bio Physicist, graduated from the university of Oulu. Before Verkotan, she worked for Nokia Mobile Phones, in the field of wireless testing for over 15 years. In 2015, Verkotan was founded, and Miia transitioned into a full-time entrepreneur.  

What is your role in the company?

I am one of the owners of Verkotan, thus my job description is quite wide. I am a laboratory manager, quality manager and Verkotan representative at Testilabs. My daily tasks include monitoring our production, customer service and preparing our company for audits by ensuring our processes comply with the quality standards.

What was the main driver for you to become an entrepreneur?

I was eager to try my own wings. Back then there was a great opportunity for that when the Microsoft ended their operations in Oulu, and we were given an opportunity to buy the testing laboratories. It was a now or never situation.  I also wanted to keep things local and preserve the testing labs in Oulu, so founding a company in Oulu was a great choice.

What have you learned about entrepreneurship?

A lot! At first it was hard to outline the whole picture. We came from a big company, which had departments for everything. It was surprising how many different things and roles it requires to keep a company up. Entrepreneurship also requires a lot more than just the substance competence. In addition, when we started, we thought that there will be a kind of a “make it or break it” moment, but entrepreneurship reminds more of a marathon, in which we take occasional sprints, than a sprint itself. However, it’s all worth the effort!

What are the values that drive you?

The desire to provide high quality service to our customers. The high-quality work of the great team, organized workstyle and great customer service keep me satisfied.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

One of the most challenging parts of my work is the challenges related to the use of time. It is important to direct the limited time wisely and effectively without creating the feeling of rush. One of the challenges is also the sector in which we operate: it is a niche field, which brings its own challenges.

What is the main challenge within the industry and how do you respond to that in your everyday work?

At the moment, the component shortage is a huge challenge. It is challenging for our customers to get their devices built because of it. However, we are flexible with our testing schedules. This way our customer’s do not have to take any additional stress about the testing.

What are your personal features that have affected your success at work?

I have an open and down to earth working attitude. I’m a team player, always have been. Already during my studies, I understood that a good team is the key to success.

What are the things you like the most at Verkotan?

I love my team, and the agile way of working in a small company

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