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High-Speed Data Rates in Mobile Terminals

High-Speed Data Transmission: Mobile’s New Norm. Uncover HDT challenges and explore how our solutions can assist you.

By Ilpo | on 29.09.2023 at 14:55 GMT+0200.

High-Speed Data Rates in Mobile Terminals

High-speed Data Transmission (HDT) is now a norm, not exception, for quick, secure, and reliable service across the cyberworld especially for online meetings, gaming, and livestreaming of events.  When an ice hockey match played in Tampere is livestreamed to viewers in Montreal, they watch the match seamlessly sitting in the comfort of their homes. For good resolution, latency, and viewer experience, high-speed data rates are mandatory.

Addressing Thermal Management and Power Consumption in High-Speed Data Transmission

High-speed data rates need a mobile terminal to handle high power consumption. Also, the device gets heated up due to the heavily loaded CPU and modem.  The high power tends to shorten the battery life. When these two main issues are mitigated, safety or protection processes in the terminal could show up as instability issues to the user.

It is quite straight forward to test the efficacy of thermal management of a mobile by thermal imaging under HDT stress.  Another alternative is to insert thermal probes into points within the samples. Care should be taken that the probes do not adversely impact RF performance or dissipate too much heat. Designing practical and repeatable stress test needs expertise; High-speed data rates require use of MIMO technology. Given below is an illustration of how high-speed data rates could make a mobile device to heat up!

On the left-hand side of the graphic, the terminal is connected to a base station simulator using a SISO 5G connection. The download and upload speed are about 2 Mbps. On the right-hand side, the terminal utilizes MIMO technology with download speed of 180Mbps and upload speed of 88Mbps. After 15 minutes of usage, the temperature difference is 25 degrees.

Thermal image of a device with LOW and HIGH data rate

Efficient 4×4 MIMO Testing: Overcoming Challenges and Enhancing Efficiency

When 4×4 MIMO is tested, four data streams are transmitted within the same frequency band. It is quite a challenge to set up a 4×4 test over the air (OTA) MIMO connection without a large anechoic chamber because a stable connection demands the following:

  • Low antenna correlation
  • Balance between receiver branches
  • High enough signal to noise ratio in each receiver branch

Engineers at Verkotan have developed a unique way of setting up a stable 4×4 MIMO OTA connection on a table inside of an RF chamber. A smaller chamber minimizes testing time and maximizes testing efficiency, and can be deployed for thermal studies. Most engineers are enamored by the ease, speed, and functionality of this testing method.

Testing Services: Power Consumption, Thermal Studies, and Modem Performance Investigations

Verkotan offers testing services and modifications of mobile terminals for power consumption and thermal studies and for modem performance investigations as well. For power consumption samples, the battery is bypassed with power cables enabling power measurements. For thermal testing, probes are inserted into samples for temperature measurements. In modem performance samples, antennas are bypassed with coaxial cables for testing RF parameters.  Each modified sample is carefully tested and verified to perform as per specification, and a test report is generated for all samples.

RF Modified Sample. The terminal is fitted in to a robust frame and the RF connectors are labelled for the benefit of the customer

Kindly contact us for further information regarding testing or modification of mobile phone or other avenues in the world of wireless testing services. We produce, deliver, and service niche products and are happy to assist with your testing needs.

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