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Did you know ISED has released a new SPR-002 version? What does it mean? Read more to find out!

By Sanni | on 04.05.2023 at 08:03 GMT+0200.


ISED Canada released major update to SPR-002 in October 2022. The new version of SPR-002, Issue 2, sets out RF Exposure measurement-based and computational assessment methods for devices operating in the frequency range from 3 kHz to 10 MHz to prevent nerve stimulation and thermal effects outlined in RSS-102. Induced SAR and internal E-field are the preferred measurement-based assessment methods when the assessment is made against basic restrictions, and incident field strength measurements when assessed against the reference levels.

SPR-002 provides general requirements related to combined exposure contributions of multiple transmitters/frequency as well as additional normative requirements about spatial averaging, assessment of WPT implementations and other common device types. Examples of these device types are for example wireless charging, electronic article surveillance and vehicle security systems.

The probe requirements have been updated as well when assessing against reference levels. These include a change in measurement separation distance as it is affected by the probe antenna dimension. This change may require the test laboratories to make new test equipment investments to enable E- & H-field measurements at few millimeters separation distance.

After 12-month transition period the SPR-002, Issue 2 becomes mandatory. Until then both Issue 1 and Issue 2 of SPR-002 can be used to assess compliance.

If you have a product that operates in this frequency range, or if you need assistance regarding evaluations, we are happy to help you!

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