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Pertti Mäkikyrö – Technical Sales representative at Verkotan

It is time to introduce one of our founding members! Our technical sales representative Pertti Mäkikyrö will introduce himself and his responsibilities. Read what Pertti has to say about Verkotan.

By Lotta | on 16.02.2023 at 08:34 GMT+0200.

Pertti Mäkikyrö – Technical Sales representative at Verkotan

Pertti has over 30 years of experience of working with electronic devices, technical sales, and telecommunication. He has specialized in multiple areas in wireless testing, such as EMC testing, radio frequencies (RF) and antennas. Pertti has educational background in technical schools; he has studied himself a BSc at the University of Oulu. Pertti’s working history is colourful; he has worked with all cellular system generations from analogical radios to 5G.   

What is your role in the company?  

I am one of the company founding members and I am mostly working in a consulting role.  

What was the main driver for you to become an entrepreneur? 

When Nokia Terminated its mobile phone unit operations in Oulu, I did not want to waste the knowledge of wireless performance testing our team had gained during the Nokia years. That is why we decided to found Verkotan.  

What have you learned about entrepreneurship? 

Every day is new possibility to challenge yourself. As an entrepreneur there are no days alike. 

What are the values that drive you? 

I like to learn new things and come up with new solutions with great co-workers. 

What is the most challenging aspect of your role? 

As an entrepreneur, it is hard to predict what is coming. You must be able to adapt and be flexible. 

What is the main problem within the industry and how do you respond to that in your everyday work?  

Overall, people might be scared to try new solutions and are a bit too conservative. I like to come up with new, improved solutions that challenge earlier solutions.  

What are your personal features that have affected your success at work?  

I am open minded and ready for new possibilities.  

What are the things you like the most at Verkotan?  

At Verkotan you have a freedom to express yourselves and discover new. 

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