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Teuvo Heikkinen – Manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development at Verkotan

Meet our Manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development Teuvo! Teuvo has a long working history and is always ready to help others with his extensive experience. Read more about Teuvo’s work experience and work at Verkotan.

By Lotta | on 30.05.2023 at 07:50 GMT+0200.

Teuvo Heikkinen – Manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development at Verkotan

Teuvo has already retired from his daily job but enjoys working with technology; thus he now works at Verkotan as a manager of Collaboration R&D Projects and Business Development. Teuvo has had a huge variety of roles in different positions from project managers to lecturer to leadership and executive positions. Now he has over 40 years of work experience. Teuvo has the grades of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Applied Electronics from the University of Oulu and Licentiate of Technology, Applied Electronics from the University of Oulu. He was granted a Medal of Knight of the order of the Lion of Finland in 2007! Read more to find out about his current job.

What is your current position and responsibilities?

My current position is collaboration R&D manager. My key responsibility is to coordinate and manage collaboration R&D projects and prepare new ones. Examples of collaboration R&D projects are ENTRY100GHz project, which belongs to European CelticNext program and AI4Green project which also belongs to European Celtic next program. In addition to this I do also some business development and work with potential new customers to find solutions for their problems with our experts. My job is not full time, I work based on the needs in projects.

What is the main challenge within the industry and how do you respond to that in your everyday work?

I think that one of the biggest challenges is that global business is splitting the between China and the west. Because of geopolitics and security issues business regions are split. I am afraid that this will slow down the development. It surely will shrink the markets of key players and in that way also reduce the development potential. There is really nothing which I can do in my daily work to help in this.

What are the values that drive you and what are your personal features that help you to success at work?

Perhaps one big driver is my passion to information, communications technology, and technology business. About the value-based drivers; perhaps in my case, because I am already a seasoned engineer and retired from my last full day job and I don’t do this for advancing of my career, driver is the willingness to help some of my old friends in this company to succeed and share the expertise which I have collected.

How would you describe working at Verkotan? What are the things you like the most?

Because Verkotan is a small company, there is of course quite a lot of spirit of entrepreneurship and own responsibilities. There is also quite a lot of “agility”, sometimes even disorder. I like the most to work with our experts on technical topics, they really have in depth knowledge of the measurements, and it inspires me a lot.

How did you find joining the team when you first started at the company?

I felt it very comfortable.

Are you satisfied with your current position? Do you feel the job is challenging enough for example in terms of knowledge and experience?

Yes, I am satisfied. I have a lot of freedom and I can use all the experience which I have. Also, when you work in high technology area like radio technology, which is evolving continuously, you always learn new. That is very inspiring and rewarding even at older age.

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