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Verkotan is ready to test according to SPR-002, Issue 2: 12-month transition period is coming to an end

The transition period for SPR-002, issue 2 is coming to an end. Learn more about this and how we can help you even better with our MAGPy system.

By Ilpo | on 29.09.2023 at 14:50 GMT+0200.

Verkotan is ready to test according to SPR-002, Issue 2: 12-month transition period is coming to an end

ISED Canada released a major update to SPR-002 in October 2022. The new version of SPR-002, Issue 2, sets out RF Exposure measurement-based and computational assessment methods for devices operating in the frequency range from 3 kHz to 10 MHz to prevent nerve stimulation and thermal effects outlined in RSS-102. Induced SAR and internal E-field are the preferred measurement-based assessment methods when the assessment is made against basic restrictions, and incident field strength measurements when assessed against the reference levels.

12-month transition period, during which certification using the requirements of SPR-002, issue 2 or issue 1 are accepted, is coming to an end in October 2023. After that, only applications for certification of equipment using SPR-002, issue 2, are acceptable.

The probe requirements in Issue 2 are different to Issue 1. Issue 1 allowed the separation distance between the probe enclosure and EUT to be reported as the measurement separation distance.  In Issue 2, the measurement distance is defined as the distance separating the EUT enclosure and the location of the probe antennas. Ideally, the field measurements would be performed at a separation distance corresponding to the minimum distance between the EUT and the user. Due to physical constraints, this may not be possible.  As a solution, Issue 2 introduces curve-fitting techniques to estimate the field value(s) at desired separation distances based on measurements taken at larger distances.

MAGPy available at Verkotan

Verkotan has acquired a Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy) manufactured by SPEAG. It is the most advanced solution for demonstration of compliance of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems and other near-field sources operating between 3 kHz and 10 MHz.

“MAGPy was the only solution on markets, fulfilling requirements of SPR-002, Issue 2” says Kalle Orava, SAR specialist at Verkotan. “On top of SPR-002, MagPy is compatible with various of other exposure standards such as EN 62311 and FCC KDB 680106 D01 “Kalle continues.

Engineers at Verkotan are always happy to get new equipment.

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