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Are your products on market in Canada?

Verkotan ensures your products meet regulatory compliance in various markets. For Canada, it’s crucial to adhere to the latest regulations. In December 2023, Canada’s ISED released RSS-102 Issue 6, which sets new requirements and measurement techniques for evaluating radio frequency exposure compliance for radiocommunication devices used near the human body, replacing Issue 5.

By Marena | on 04.06.2024 at 09:00 GMT+0200.

Are your products on market in Canada?

Canada (ISED*) has officially released the RSS-102 Issue 6 in December 2023. The RSS-102 Issue 6 is a standard that sets out the requirements and measurement techniques for evaluating radio frequency exposure compliance of radio communication apparatus designed to be used within the vicinity of the human body, replacing the previous Issue 5.

The implication of the standard change for the products currently on the market is that they need to be reassessed and in some cases retest against the issue 6 requirements may be required in order to stay in Canadian market.

There is 12 months transition period until December 15, 2024 within which compliance with issue 5 or issue 6 of RSS-102 is accepted. After this period, only applications for the certification of equipment under RSS-102, issue 6, will be accepted. Furthermore, after this transition period, equipment that is manufactured, imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale, or sold in Canada shall comply with RSS-102, issue 6.

Manufacturers, importers, and vendors should ensure their product compliance with the latest standard to meet regulatory requirements. 

There are changes between issue 5 and issue 6 including new Exemption Limits for Nerve Stimulation (NS) and revised Exemption Limits for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The revised exemption limit for SAR may trigger retesting. Furthermore, if equipment has been evaluated according to SPR-002, issue 1, it may not be compliant with the current regulation. While the Nerve Stimulation exposure limits have not changed, the measurement probe requirements have, and this may cause a previously tested compliant product to be non-compliant.

Verkotan is here to help you make sure your product meets the new Issue 6 requirements for the Canadian market. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate these changes smoothly, ensuring your product remains compliant and market-ready.

* Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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