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NEWS: Verkotan Joins ‘Pioneering Aerospace’ at ILA Berlin 2024: A Premier Global Aerospace Trade Show

In a significant industry event, Verkotan joined ILA Berlin, hosted from June 5th to 9th, 2024, at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The company proudly unveiled its one-of-a-kind active near field to far field (NF to FF) antenna test service, attracting attention, receiving interesting comments, and gaining new insights.

By Marena | on 12.06.2024 at 14:34 GMT+0200.

NEWS: Verkotan Joins ‘Pioneering Aerospace’ at ILA Berlin 2024: A Premier Global Aerospace Trade Show

ILA Berlin – Our company participated in the ILA Berlin, which took place from 5 to 9 June 2024 at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. This event was noted as the largest industry trade fair in the European Union for the year. The primary focus was on innovation, new technology, and sustainability within aerospace.

Showcasing Verkotan’s Cutting-Edge Antenna Test Solutions

As the conference theme revolved around the aerospace industry, Verkotan was eager to display our specialized services tailored to this domain. We proudly introduced our cutting-edge antenna test service, which is available for the entire FR1 frequency range. This service relies on our advanced wide bandwidth horn antenna setup, covering testing frequencies from 600MHz to 6GHz for both near field (NF) and far field (FF) measurements.

Among our range of products, we were particularly keen to highlight our Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurements services for large size antennas even up to 3 meters. Through this testing, we assist our customers in identifying potential performance issues in their antennas early in the research and development stage. Below, we provide a detailed overview of our Antenna Pattern Testing solutions.

Verkotan’s stand at ILA Berlin 2024, presenting our services
Get to Know Our Antenna Pattern Testing Solutions:
  • Active Antenna Pattern Testining for 5G Beamforming Antennas: We conduct 3D antenna pattern testing for 5G beamforming antennas, covering frequencies from 400 MHz to 53GHz. Utilizing an anechoic chamber, we employ direct far-field and near to far-field transformation methodologies. Evaluated antenna parameters include Gain, Beamwidth, Azimuth Beam squint, Cross-polarization ratio, Tilt accuracy, Front to back ratio, First upper sidelobe suppression, and Efficiency.
  • Antenna Measurement Services: Our services cover antenna radiation pattern measurements from 400 MHz to 53 GHz, offering both 3D and 2D patterns. We handle antennas up to 3 meters in size and 150 kilograms in weight. Our capabilities include beamforming antenna measurement, antenna efficiency measurement, absolute gain measurement, VSWR & antenna matching measurement, antenna correlation measurement (ECC), and antenna polarization measurement (Linear/RHCP/LHCP + others). Custom measurements at other frequencies are available upon request.
  • GPS Antenna Pattern Test: With our OTA test system, we provide accurate 3D pictures of GNSS antenna patterns using the feed-through method. Additionally, we offer measurements without any cabling using Carrier-to-noise-density-ratio (CNO). Testing is typically conducted in Free Space, but we can also simulate realistic scenarios using hand, head, and body phantoms or even real people to evaluate performance in different use cases. 
The anticipation builds as crowds gather for ILA Berlin 2024

Building Global Bridges: International ties, passionate minds, German ingenuity at ILA Berlin 2024

During the event in Berlin, Germany, Verkotan collaborated with fellow pioneers, exchanging ideas and expanding our network. Our participation allowed us to display our skills to a diverse international audience, establishing our brand as a company that offers testing for various devices, including those used in aerospace. By connecting with industry leaders and forming partnerships, we grew our professional network and gained valuable insights into new trends and technologies

At the forefront of aerospace innovation, we emphasized our extensive experience in the wireless industry. With over 25 years of expertise, we have developed advanced wireless performance test systems, pioneered experimental test methodologies, and provided numerous verification results for 3GPP. Leveraging this background, we fostered new collaborations and supported companies in product launches.

Dignitaries Attend ILA Berlin 2024

We were thrilled to meet dignitaries and connect with individuals who share our passion for innovation, as we do at Verkotan. From engaging in B2B conversations to enjoying a delightful delegation dinner at Il Punto, the event was filled with inspiring interactions and provided valuable insights into aviation technology within the aerospace industry.

The delegation dinner at Il Punto with the other exhibitors

The grand finale of the event was an exhilarating air show that captivated all attendees, climaxing with an impressive F-35 flyover. This dramatic conclusion highlighted the pinnacle of aerospace technology and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Impressive F-35 performance at ILA Berlin 2024

This event provided a unique platform for exhibitors from around the world to showcase their latest developments, creative solutions, and research projects. Our company was excited to have been part of an event that brought together a diverse community of individuals with a deep passion for new inventions, global connections, and innovation. German ingenuity played a pivotal role in making the occasion truly stand out.

As ILA Berlin 2024 comes to a close, we will greatly miss the valuable interactions and relationships formed at this event. We will apply all the insights we gained and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our field.

Wir sehen uns wieder Berlin ✈️

Verkotan Oy

Sources: ILA Berlin

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