MIMO OTA Test Capabilities

  • CTIA MIMO OTA Testing

  • We offer CTIA MIMO OTA measurements according to the newest CTIA specifications with CTIA test system setup.
  •  Advanced 3D MIMO OTA Testing for R&D

  •  We are able to provide 3D MIMO OTA measurements,3D MIMO OTA measurement includes more antennas than regular MIMO OTA which lets us create realistic radio channel models.
  •  Fast MIMO OTA Testing for R&D

  • Fast MIMO OTA is a replacement for CTIA MIMO OTA and is extremely efficient for R&D purposes. The test cases provide similar results to the official CTIA MIMO OTA testing but testing itself is 5 to 10 times faster.
mimo ota test laboratory

Our Process and Typical Length of Testing

Usually the whole process from sending the devices to us and receiving the test report lasts from 6 to 19 business days.

MIMO OTA Testing

MIMO OTA testing measures the changes in data throughput and signal strength of the device when it is moved further from the closest base station. High accuracy MIMO OTA measurements during the product R&D phase helps you to avoid very expensive product modifications at the final phase of the product development.

Test Chamber

Our advanced wireless performance testing laboratory can be used for 3GPP & CTIA R&D MIMO measurements. We are able to help you to recreate any radio environment that you need and test your device in a repeatable and reliable way.

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