Narrowband IoT Measurements at Verkotan

Narrowband IoT Measurements at Verkotan

What is Narrowband IoT?

NB-IoT is a new technology developed for IoT devices that send small amounts of data irregularly and require long periods of usage time. The technology offers several significant advantages such as improving power consumption of devices and providing lower component cost using secure and reliable networks.

NB-IoT Applications 

NB-IoT is appropriate for e.g. smart metering (gas, water and electricity) and smart city infrastructure (street lamps and waste bins). It can be beneficial for facility management services and tracking of persons, animals or objects.

Verkotan provides NB-IoT wireless testing solutions of following:

  • LTE CAT NB1 (NB-IoT) TRP&TIS + intermediary channel degradation test
  • LTE CAT M1 TRP&TIS + intermediary channel degradation test
  • LTE CAT 1 TRP&TIS + intermediary channel degradation test
  • LTE CAT 0 TRP&TIS + intermediary channel degradation test

NB-IoT Measurements in Verkotan’s testing chamber 

  • Frequency range of 400MHz – 6GHz
  • Large chamber with capability to measure all kinds of IoT devices
  • Accurate measurements with R&S®CMW500

NB-IoT uses existing cellular network infrastructure to deliver excellent coverage and reliable connectivity. This approach is becoming adopted by major worldwide operators. The OTA test is critical for operators to qualify the interoperability and compliance of their NB-IoT devices. This is particularly important when a third-party enclosure is used with the device, since the antenna coverage effects could be limited. The testing is especially required for US and Australian markets.

Verkotan helps your products to market faster with the right testing and insights which optimize your IoT designs. Our personnel is the front-runner in the Narrowband-IoT wireless testing field. Also, our in-house capabilities allow us to offer you a powerful test solution for evaluation of IoT device performance and support you during each step of their activity.

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