Accredited SAR testing in Oulu, Finland

We are pleased to inform that we have accredited our SAR testing capability in Finland and are now ready to provide the service for our customers!

We are pleased to inform that we now have accredited SAR testing capability. Our SAR test lab is located in Oulu Finland. Kai Niskala, one of the leading SAR experts in the world is also now a part of Verkotan team and provides important experience and know-how to the Verkotan’s SAR testing.

We are using DASY test system manufactured by SPEAG. Welcome to make sure you product complies SAR regulations!

Kai Niskala has over 13 year’s of experience in:
– EMF exposure guidelines and regulations
– SAR test standards and standards development
– SAR test requirements
– Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) requirements
– Test planning, lab selection and report review
– Device compliance and certification (CE, FCC etc.)
– Test laboratory technical auditing (ISO 17025)

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