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Verkotan Joins CoMoXX Project

Project targets to create novel and versatile communication module for poor network coverage.

By Oona | on 05.02.2016 at 11:56 GMT+0200. | Modified 19.07.2021 at 15:09 GMT+0200.

Verkotan Joins CoMoXX Project

Target customer markets are in vehicles needing real-time fleet and maintenance data flow connections to backend services. Real-time data communications improve the efficiency of the customer value chain.

Vehicles collect an incredible amount of data. Due to economic efficiency, all the machines and the vehicles must be connected to the network all the time. Forest machines, mining machines, and tractors work occasionally out of cell coverage. It is important to have a real-time communication connection from the main office back end system to the fleet, in spite of network quality. Furthermore, inefficient production data must be stamped with precision position information, also in conditions where satellite positioning is not available. This product enables the position stamping based on location sensors.

Enablers of the Consortium are distinguished professionals, with the know-how to design also devices divergent from mainstream products. Technology knowledge of the professionals covers telecoms business production with technology areas like RF, HW, SW, antennas, and certification. Furthermore, the University and technology ecosystem services with its contacts are agile reachable without formalities in the city of Oulu.

CoMoXX, the Hilla Project Consortium companies and organizations:


Product development and productization


OTA and certification services


Antenna simulations and design services

https://www.oulu.fi/cwc/CWC, University of Oulu

Research services