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Verkotan Company From the Inside: Interview with our Sales & Marketing Trainees

Verkotan values its trainees. Trainees get to learn and utilize their knowledge in real working environment while Verkotan gets fresh spirit and innovative ideas. Both sides have found this to be a well working combo.

By Oona | on 27.08.2019 at 11:56 GMT+0200. | Modified 21.07.2021 at 09:44 GMT+0200.

Verkotan Company From the Inside: Interview with our Sales & Marketing Trainees

Earlier we interviewed our trainees working in the laboratories. Today, Emilia Salow (left) and Elisa Lahtinen (right) share their experience in our Sales and Marketing department. Elisa studies currently at Oulu Business School, University of Oulu, and Emilia starts her Master’s program at Aalto University, School of Business in Helsinki.

What is your current position and your responsibilities in this position?

Elisa: We both work as Sales and Marketing Trainees. For sales part I have been contacting current and new customers, so it is a lot of communicating and customer service. As marketing tasks, I am creating and updating different marketing materials, in both writing and graphics. Also, take care of digital marketing operations and web pages.

Emilia: My responsibilities include contacting possible customers and different types of marketing tasks. These tasks are for instance, doing a market research, helping to build Verkotan’s brand, creating ideas for future marketing, web pages and so on.

What do you like the most in the working process?

Elisa: I like the variety of my duties and that I have great possibility to develop my skills with new projects and especially on digital marketing. Still the best thing is to see how even the smallest things affect the whole company’s growth – both in and out.

Emilia: I guess I could answer everything, but especially tasks related to marketing since they are directly linked to my studies. This includes e.g., brainstorming marketing ideas and thinking of new ways to create some of the marketing materials.

How was the adaptation to the team? How does it feel working with your colleagues now?

Elisa: It was very easy to get to know the people. I have felt comfortable working here from the first day even though there were a lot of new things and processes to learn. The best thing is that we have a relaxed environment where we still get our work done efficiently.

When our Sales Director Kimmo entered Verkotan he said the following: “Verkotan’s personnel have truly great working spirit and it’s great to see that there are loads of different operations going on for a start-up company”. I agree with him one hundred percent.

Emilia: Super easy! Everyone was so nice to me from the beginning and I felt comfortable to work here right away. I like the “us” mentality Verkotan has – one can always ask for help and approach people easily and it feels natural. My colleagues are mostly engineers and older than me and hence, we have quite different backgrounds. However, people respect my opinions and my work here even though I don’t have an engineer background. Also, it’s great that here are other trainees who can help me to adjust in the world of wireless testing.

Do you feel that you are working for a good reason? Does your current position give you the opportunity to develop skills for your future career?

Elisa: Definitely. The best thing is that I can see my work results every day from published content to gained website traffic. I have learned so much of B-to-B marketing and working in this industry during my traineeship. The knowledge that I have gained here will help me a lot in my future careers and with my studies as well.

Emilia: Yes, for both questions. I feel that when one is starting their career and working in the position attached to their own field every new skill one develops is beneficial for the future career. I feel that this describes my position here very well – I get to learn new things and develop my existing skills even further.

Does it feel right and comfortable to give feedback or just discuss things with your boss?

Both: More than yes. We don’t have unnecessary bureaucracy, and this makes the feedback process flexible and easy.  One can either meet our boss face-to-face or call him whenever there is a need to talk to him. Overall, in Verkotan we are encouraged to express our own opinions and give feedback to each other so we can improve together.

Say a few words to future employees and why would you recommend choosing Verkotan.

Both: If you truly want to develop yourself and your skills, learn new things and try alternative ways to do sales and marketing, we would definitely recommend Verkotan. Also, not every company appreciates their trainees this much and truly ask their effort in important tasks – in this work environment you can release your full potential.

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