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Low frequency tissue simulating liquids

Verkotan can perform SAR exposure measurements on low frequency devices, such as wireless chargers, credit cards and RFID and NFC systems. We are also happy to offer you tissue simulating liquids for your needs. The liquids we use are blend at Verkotan laboratories by our professionals. Continue reading for more information.

By Lotta | on 22.06.2021 at 12:54 GMT+0200. | Modified 09.05.2022 at 10:02 GMT+0200.

Low frequency tissue simulating liquids

Verkotan tissue simulating liquids

Tissue simulating liquids are liquids used in SAR testing. They are typically used to simulate human head or body in general, or some specific body parts. With the liquids it is possible to determine accurately the amount of radiation absorbing by the user’s body or head. The liquids are developed to have similar dielectric properties as human tissues. Based on Maxwell’s equations the dielectric parameters capture the behavior of electromagnetic field in a medium. Thus, they can be used to study how electromagnetic radiation propagates through human tissue.

Low frequency tissue simulating liquids

Our newest liquid covers frequencies from 12 MHz to 450 MHz. It is our low frequency tissue simulating liquid and it is used for testing, for example, devices that operate at the ISM band 13.553-13.567 MHz. For example, many common RFID and NFC systems work at 13.56 MHz frequency. We are always ready to test your device whether it requires low, middle, or high frequency testing!

Verkotan offers liquids for your own uses

Do you happen to need tissue simulating liquids? We are happy to offer you the special liquids for your needs. You can request a quote for tissue simulating liquids here.

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