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Pre-compliance SAR testing

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing is mandatory for radio devices used closer than 20 centimetres from human body or head. Continue reading to find out why we recommend optimized pre-compliance SAR test to comply with SAR requirements.

By Lotta | on 10.11.2021 at 13:40 GMT+0200.

Pre-compliance SAR testing

What is pre-compliance SAR testing?

SAR measurement explains how much radio frequency (RF) energy is absorbed to the user’s head or body. It is important to measure the SAR level of the product to verify that the product is safe to use. Pre-compliance SAR testing means SAR testing during the product development phase. Pre-compliance SAR test gives an indication if the product will pass the mandatory SAR test when the product is otherwise ready.

Why testing during a product development is important?

SAR testing during the product development phase helps finding possible issues. More importantly, it gives an indication of the SAR level for the product. When the problems are found in an early phase, the product design can be developed towards the right direction right from the beginning. It can save some serious cost from the future.

Even though the testing creates some costs during the product development phase, resolving the observed SAR issues in an early phase ensures more predictable certification costs and early access to the market.

Pre Compliance SAR Testing
Pre-compliance SAR testing

Verkotan SAR services

We have more than 15 years of experience from SAR testing. We can support you throughout the product development cycle to ensure safe and reliable product. We are always ready to help you to meet the CE, FCC and ISED certification requirements. Press here for more information about our SAR testing services and testing capabilities. If you are interested, you can also download an example SAR test report from here.

Download the Example SAR Test Report

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