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E112 compliance testing according to regulation (EU) 2019/320 – Verkotan

Smartphones sold in the EU markets must demonstrate compliance with Delegated regulation (EU) 2019/320, which requires WI-FI, AML & Global Navigation Satellite Systems testing. Verkotan can assist with E112 testing.

By Eero | on 05.07.2022 at 10:07 GMT+0200. | Modified 08.11.2022 at 18:59 GMT+0200.

E112 compliance testing according to regulation (EU) 2019/320 – Verkotan

E112 compliance testing

The number 112 is used as an emergency number in the European Union, whereas E112 is a location enhanced version of the traditional 112 emergency number. This means that when someone calls the emergency number 112 the information about the location of a person in need will be delivered to the emergency centre.

Since March 17, 2022 onwards, smartphones sold in the EU must have demonstrated the compliance with Delegated regulation (EU) 2019/320. This means that all smartphone manufacturers placing their devices to the EU market, must show that their device is compliant with WI-FI, AML (Advanced Mobile Location) and at least Galileo from Global Navigation Satellite Systems for E112 service to work correctly.

Currently the position of the caller is established by using cell-ID technology, which uses cellular towers connected to the mobile device. This system can have significant variances in its accuracy. The E112 regulation takes advantage of position systems based on WI-FI and Galileo satellite tracking with other Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is used to transmit the position data. Satellite tracking systems can’t locate when the emergency call comes from indoors, so therefore WI-FI is used for positioning.

There is no harmonized standard for testing the E112 feature. Thus, the test report showing the compliance with the regulations must be accepted by notified body. Verkotan can assist with E112 compliance testing. We can perform wireless performance test to Galileo and other GNSS systems. We can also assist our customers with AML and Wi-Fi testing needs.

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