GNSS Testing According to ETSI EN303-413

Functionality is ensured by two tests:

  •  Adjacent Frequency Band Selectivity test
  •  Spurious emission test

ETSI has issued a standard EN303-413 for end user equipment having GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU) functionality. This standard has become a CE RED requirement. Verkotan provides GNSS testing according to the  ETSI EN303-413 standard.

Purpose of this test is to ensure GNSS functionality fulfills the minimum requirements for interference tolerance. Typical sources of interference are the radios operating at the adjacent frequency bands.

Other GNSS Test Capabilities
Over The Air (OTA) Assisted-GNSS Testing

Our Spirent test system supports GPS assistance data over 2G, 3G and 4G. It can be used also for tailored A-GNNS tests. We can also provide testing services for GLONASS and BEIDOU satellite systems

GPS Antenna Pattern Test

Our OTA test system provides an accurate 3D picture of the GNSS antenna pattern using feed-through method. In addition, we can measure antenna pattern without any cabling using Carrier-to-noise-density-ratio (CNO). Measurements are usually done in Free Space, but we can also use hand, head and body phantoms or even real people to see how your product performs in realistic, different use cases.

Unique GPS Air Performance Test

Test your device’s full GPS performance with the antenna in a controlled laboratory environment. We have developed a completely new way to test your devices’ full GPS performance with the antenna. Our unique GPS Air Performance test lets you test your device’s GPS air performance in any environment you want – for example on the streets of Barcelona, on your favorite jogging route in the park or even in Grand Canyon.

GNSS Raytraced Channel Model

In cooperation with University of Oulu, we studied GNSS signal behavior in urban city. Reflections from buildings make accurate positioning hard for GNSS receivers.

We have visualized satellite signals in the video. White spots with the numbers are simulated satellites. Green colors are Right-Hand Circular Polarization and Red colors Left-Hand Circular Polarization. Yellow colors are mixture of RHCP and LHCP. The size of the spots represents signal strength.

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