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NEWS: SPR-002 is changing to RSS-102.NS.MEAS

A lot has changed in RSS-102 issue 6 in regards to testing. Read this article about the changes to SPR-002.

By Jaako | on 15.02.2024 at 13:30 GMT+0200.

NEWS: SPR-002 is changing to RSS-102.NS.MEAS

RSS-102 issue 6 has been released on December 15th, 2023. This version includes new architecture that reformats RSS-102 as a series of standards, for example SPR-002 issue 2 is now located in RSS-102.NS.MEAS. It has nearly identical content including some clarifications and editorial changes with exceptions that simulation requirements are now located in RSS-102.NS.SIM and RSS-102.SAR.SIM (in development) and SAR-related measurement requirements in RSS-102.SAR.MEAS. 

One major change for Nerve Stimulation is that new exemption limits for nerve stimulation (NS) have been released in RSS-102 issue 6 that were not available before. The exemption limits are currently available for inductively coupled systems having maximum ampere-turns below the limit. NS exemption limits will expand to the capacitive systems operating between 3 kHz and 10 MHz later in the future. 

Transition period of 12 months is in force as of the date of publication. Until the end of transition period either SPR-002 issue 2, RSS-102.NS.MEAS issue 1 or RSS-102.NS.SIM issue 1 will be accepted for applications of equipment certification. After the transition period in December 2024, SPR-002 issue 2 is not accepted anymore.