Verkotan Provides 5G Wireless & Beamforming Antenna Testing Solutions in 5GTN Community

5GTN Verkotan

5GTN is the world’s widest 5G Test Network with open access. The complete 5G test system – from infrastructure to applications and services – allows unique testing possibilities from prototype devices to complete solutions in a controlled environment. The wide 5GTN network consists of several sites and is well-connected with national and worldwide test environments.

Verkotan is a relevant partner in this 5GTN community because we operate at the forefront of researching and developing 5G technology. Verkotan has developed its own passive antenna measurement system as well as special testing methods for 5G beamforming antennas and systems. In addition, massive MIMO testing methods are researched by Verkotan team.

As the 5G technology is developing, we need to have strong actors and knowledge to execute this change the very effective manner. For this matter, 5G Test Network has been creating a highly skilled community where knowledge and know-how is shared in real time.

Antenna Performance Measurement through channel emulator 5GTN

Laboratory testing environment with 5G device and real-time channel emulator are remotely connected to 5G Test Network

What is Verkotan’s part in this 5GTN community?

Verkotan is focused on performing test and certification services to wireless products. As the wireless technology keeps evolving there will be a huge increase in the amount of data transfer from device to another. Hence, 5G devices with larger number of antennas are introduced to the world. In addition, 5G includes lower FR1 (< 6GHz) and higher FR2 (> 20GHz) frequencies, which means that the frequency range is significantly larger compared to 4G.

For our capabilities to test new devices and technologies in configurable and a highly realistic environment Verkotan is a relevant partner in this community.  As the 5GTN is the world’s widest 5G testing system with open access, it allows a unique opportunity for Verkotan to learn from others and share its results. In addition to the open development environment, fully confidential services are available.

Verkotan has its own anechoic chambers built for OTA measurements, where for example these new 5G devices could be tested in a highly realistic radio environment. With learning from the test results, we can create more efficient connections. Currently Verkotan is capable of testing 5G beam forming antenna arrays with our special methods. In modern radio systems, beamforming is one of the key technologies to achieve the high throughputs or long-range connections.  Verkotan is also taking part in researching and developing systems such as measuring in complex channel models for MIMO testing and 5G testing for both directions – uplink and downlink – for the future technologies.

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Verkotan is always happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at Verkotan can verify your devices in the global environment.

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