Accredited 5G Active Antenna Testing

Verify your 5G Beamforming Antenna performance Over-the-Air (OTA) at our anechoic chambers.

Our in-house developed test system, extensive experiences and know-how on wireless performance testing allows us to create custom-built test solutions to suit to our customers’ specific needs.

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5G NR Active Antenna Test Service (AA TaaS) for Base Station (gNB)

We provide FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service according to 3GPP TS38.141-2, 6.2 radiated transmit power and 7.2 OTA sensitivity for base stations and ancillary equipment. We are one of the first commercial laboratories providing this high-quality accredited test service for 5G NR OTA testing certification.

We have two independent test methods to test radiated transmitted power EIRP (3GPP 38.141-2 6.2) and OTA sensitivity EIS (3GPP 38.141-2 7.2). These two test methods are our unique active near field to far field antenna test system and plane wave synthesis active antenna test service using R&S PWC . By providing active antenna test service, we support our customers in their product development phase and in getting their type approvals.

Test Method #1: Verkotan’s unique active near field to far field (NF to FF) antenna test service is available for the whole FR1 frequency range due to our wide bandwidth horn antenna setup. Testing frequency for NF to FF ranges from 600MHz to 6GHz. It is scalable for different gNB sizes and has a customized accurate positioning system. Testing is done under the accreditation scope for 3GPP TS38.141-2, 6.2 EIRP and 7.2 EIS.

Test Method #2: Verkotan Plane Wave Synthesis Active Antenna Test Service using R&S PWC is available for bandwidths of 2.3-3.8 GHz covering most important FR1 5G bands. We have a customized accurate positioning system and can test gNB sizes up to one meter. Test service is performed under accreditation scope for 38.141-2, 6.2 EIRP and 7.2 EIS.

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5G Wireless & Beamforming Antenna Measurement

In modern radio systems, beamforming is one of the key technologies to achieve the high throughputs and long-range connections. Designing and implementing phased array antenna requires precise characterization of individual antenna element performance.

Read more about our beamforming measurement results and how they can be used in multi-user MIMO.

5G Beamforming Antenna Pattern

Verkotan’s antenna database and evaluation tool enables the analysis of raw data in a reliable way. It allows us to analyze and calculate antenna characteristics quickly. In addition, it operates as a storage for antenna test results and allows customized reporting and efficient analysis for antenna designers.

5G Beamforming
5G Beamforming Antenna Measurements to Orbis Systems

Verkotan performed 5G Beamforming Antenna Measurements to Orbis Systems’ 5G OTA testing development reference antenna. This Beamforming Measurement system is one of Verkotan’s own developed solutions for testing 5G antenna and Big Antenna performance. University of Oulu has also used our Antenna Array Beamforming Test Services for big antennas. Read more from here. 

Antenna Test Chambers

Verkotan has three accredited high-quality OTA and Antenna test chambers for measuring 5G active antennas. Test your devices in our state-of-art laboratories and ensure your wireless performance goals.

The testing is done in a fully anechoic chamber, built for OTA measurements. We are building 5G testing capabilities using multi-antenna methodologies such as MIMO and massive MIMO measurements.

Depending on your needs and your products, we are able to use 3D antenna setup solutions

Antenna Pattern Measurement Chambers


  • Width: 7m
  • Length: 6m
  • Height: 7m
  • Measurement Distance: 3.4m

Frequency Range:

  • 400MHz – 6GHz

Measurement Uncertainties:

  • EIRP: 1.04dB
  • EIS: 1.37dB
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