Verkotan Team

Verkotan’s founders are the very same people who built the world-leading Nokia RF OTA test laboratories in Oulu, Finland, in the late 90’s. Since then, our core lab team has been the forerunners in RF OTA test development in global scale.

Each of our experts at your service has up to 20 years of experience in developing advanced wireless performance test systems, operating as a CTIA authorized OTA testing laboratory, innovating new test methods and contributing numerous verification results for 3GPP & CTIA standardization.

Why Choose Us?

Verkotan excels in flexibility. Thanks to our OTA test system development skills and in-house developed test system software, we can modify test scripts on the fly and develop new test cases to fit customer need in just a matter of days. This is continuously demonstrated in our customer cases including, e.g., tailored tests for wearable devices as well as healthcare products.

Our strategy is to provide you value beyond standard test results. We use our expertise and flexible test systems to help you concentrate on right set of tests, improve the entire solution performance or even develop an entirely new test method. With our support you can develop outperforming product. Verkotan is owned by its employees and a group of private investors. We acquired our state-of-the-art Oulu RF OTA test laboratories from Microsoft in January 2015.

Verkotan is a CTIA Authorized and FINAS accredited tets company and a member of numerous widely recognized global organizations. We are able to carry out Vodafone and other major operators OTA testing according to operator-specified requirements. Whether your need is certifications & approvals testing or tailored test solutions, let us demonstrate our expertise to you.

Accredited and CTIA Authorized Test Lab