Verkotan takes part in Eureka Celtic+ program ReICOvAir

Reicovair (Reliable Industrial Communication Over the Air) is Eureka Celtic+ program lasting from 2016 to 2018. Participants are from Finland and Germany. Link to the official program www pages:

Wireless communication is the enabler for locations and areas that currently are not at all or hardly reachable by wired connections (e.g. rotating parts, autonomously moving machinery, intelligent moving objects like workpiece carriers and automatic guided vehicles (AGV)). In the ReICOvAir project, the necessary standards, methods and testing tools for providing proof of industrial wireless communication will be developed. The work includes the standardization of the test cases and methodology in the appropriate Standards Developing Organizations and development of comprehensive software and hardware testbed solutions with unified control.

Verkotan Oy will participate in developing a method for measuring the performance of communication devices for industrial environment, IoT, mainly to Manufacturing and Engineering sector. Verkotan will concentrate on designing and implementing a measurement system in Verkotan’s laboratory environment. This service can be commercially and globally offered for companies developing and selling IoT products. This innovation is totally new both nationally and internationally.

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