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Antenna measurement data visualization tool now available from Verkotan!

We at Verkotan are always seeking improvement and continuously developing our services to fit our customer needs. Our core competence is wireless testing, and we know how tricky comparing and visualizing multiple antenna measurement results can sometimes be. That is why we are extremely excited to tell you about our new data visualization tool: AntView.

By EmmaJ | on 08.12.2020 at 16:08 GMT+0200. | Modified 18.01.2022 at 08:09 GMT+0200.

Antenna measurement data visualization tool now available from Verkotan!

How it all started with AntView?

Our professionals have been operating in the wireless industry for decades and noticed a problem: there were no good tools for going through and comparing the antenna measurement results. 

That is why we developed a tool, to make our customers’ daily work easier. You no longer have to spend time fighting and programming with other commonly used tools. The purpose of AntView is to simplify this process and save your time and make it efficient.

What is AntView – Antenna Measurement data visualization tool?

AntView is a database that is connected to a web browser via cloud service. AntView enables fast antenna characteristics analysis with which you can easily compare multiple antenna measurement results and present them in an easy-to-understand format with colors, graphs, and parameters.

With AntView you can…

  • Visualize the antenna measurement results
  • Upload data to the database easily 
  • Store test results efficiently
  • Save your view settings
  • Customize parameters of y and x axels
  • Get antenna characteristics analysis and calculations in no time
  • Compare the multiple measurement results of different manufactures easily
  • Retrieve the results from AntView and present them in an easily understandable format

Let’s make analyzing measurement results easier and more efficient with well-organized and visualized data!

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