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We have updated our robot aided antenna testing chamber

Our updated OTA test chamber allows us to achieve even more accurate test results in a wider frequency range. Click to read more.

By Lotta | on 17.05.2022 at 13:39 GMT+0200. | Modified 08.11.2022 at 19:03 GMT+0200.

We have updated our robot aided antenna testing chamber

Accurate and flexible test results

Our updated robot test laboratory allows us to perform passive and active antenna testing for even bigger antennas, with more accuracy in a wider frequency range. Due to the updates, we can test passive antennas up to 3 meters in size in the frequency range of 400 MHz ­– 53 GHz and the available frequency range for active antenna testing is 400 MHz – 44,5 GHz.

Low Frequency range
Operation frequencies of different devices

The robot in our updated chamber is the world’s first industrial robot that has digital Motion Modes. For this reason, it is a flexible production assistant that provides fast delivery times and accurate test results. The robot is designed for a rated payload of 210 kg to optimize its dynamic performance. The positioning accuracy of the robot is +- 0,05 millimetres which means that the robot can move the tested antenna exactly to the point, where our customer wants it to be; for comparison, an average thickness of a hair is 0,07 millimetres. The angular accuracy of the robot is +- 0,02 degrees.

How do we measure antennas in our robot chamber?

We use spherical near to far field transformation method with full probe correction. Near field to far field (NF-FF) transformation means transforming the near field antenna radiation pattern measurement to far field radiation pattern. This transformation is used with large antennas since the antenna performance must be measured in the far-field condition, which would be possible only in huge test chambers. Huge anechoic test chambers are not realistic and thus this method created by us solves the problem. If you are interested to read more about our NF-FF transformation, read our Near Field to Far field Transformation -article.

What can we measure in our 5G robot chamber?

But for what kind of products is our laboratory suitable and what parameters can we measure? The products we can measure in our updated laboratory include for example, 5G base station antennas and other beamforming antennas, different space antennas such as earth-to-space antennas, space deployed antennas and satellite antennas, military antenna applications and other regular antennas.

The parameters we are able to measure include:

  • BASTA parameters for the base station antennas
  • 2D and 3D antenna radiation patterns
  • Antenna efficiency
  • Antenna polarization

Our laboratories can be used for many purposes, such as network operators benchmarking measurements, test requirement analysis for space antennas, base station manufacturer’s BASTA declarations and for other testing purposes. Our robot solution enables dynamic testing of beamforming algorithms performance.

Read more about our passive and active antenna testing service from our antenna radiation pattern measurements 400MHz-53GHz service page.

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