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Meet Arttu & Jesper — Interview with SAR Trainees

How has the summer been for Verkotan trainees? A couple of months ago, Arttu and Jesper joined Verkotan’s SAR testing team. They have been working in our laboratory the whole summer and now they will share their experiences.

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Meet Arttu & Jesper — Interview with SAR Trainees

Verkotan has always invested in talented trainees. Trainees get to develop their knowledge in the field of wireless testing and Verkotan appreciates trainees who look at things from a fresh perspective. Growing and developing is important and by offering trainee opportunities, Verkotan enables this for both, individuals and Verkotan as a company. Arttu and Jesper from SAR testing team will tell you what it is like to work at Verkotan and what they have learned so far. 

Who are you and where do you come from?  

Arttu:  Hey, I’m Arttu Mäkelä. I have been living in Oulu for around 11 years now, originally from Haapavesi. My most notable previous work experiences are from Vapo Oy as a laboratory assistant analyzing peat samples and for CRS Laboratory analyzing and handling mineral samples. I went back to school in 2017 to study Information Technology at Oulu University of Applied Sciences and I am currently on my 3rd year with a focus on software development. I started at Verkotan in early March by doing a company project as part of the school curriculum, continued to do a 2nd project here and from there on I have been working here the entire summer.

Jesper: Hi, I am Jesper Varis and I am from Sotkamo but have been living in Oulu for almost 20 years. I am a 3rd year student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, studying Information Technology with a focus on device and product design. Before I went back to school I was working as a process operator. I also started at Verkotan early march to do a school’s company projects. 

What made you decide to apply for Verkotan?  

Arttu: Applying for company projects became relevant at school around 2019 of November. I noticed Verkotan’s presentation for the school’s company projects online and I was fortunate to see it immediately as it was posted, I sent my CV to SAR laboratory manager Miia and got a response within hours and went to discuss potential projects I could do at Verkotan shortly after. SAR field seemed interesting but also completely unknown to me, so I was nervous at the beginning. Previous work experience in similar environments helped me get accustomed to the job a bit easier. 

Jesper: I met Verkotan’s CEO Kari and Ilari at Maalisuora 2020 event in OAMK where they were presenting their project subjects in Verkotan. They introduced the company and I thought that this is the place where I want to do my school projects. I sent my CV to Kari and they called me almost right away. Now I have been here for 4 months, I have enjoyed my time in here and the job tasks have been interesting.  

Describe your role and your everyday tasks and responsibilities?  

Arttu: Most of my days consist of doing SAR measurements for a client’s devices, updating the test reports and programming and testing scripts that will be used in the lab. When I started at Verkotan in March I barely knew anything about Python programming language. Now it is satisfying to see my scripts being in use here and making the testing and reporting easier. In that sense the work has been relevant to my studies. I have also learned more about hardware side, using signal generators and communication testers.  

Jesper: I am also part of the SAR team which includes three other members in addition to me and Arttu. Most of the time we are doing SAR testing and measurements. I am focusing on the hardware side in my studies so the work in here does match my education. 

What do you enjoy the most about your job and Verkotan?  

Arttu: It is rewarding to get the measurement process rolling, and while a measurement is ongoing I can for example work on some script for the lab. There is always something to do and time usually flies when I am busy. The work environment is also relaxed and serious enough at the same time, and people help each other out when needed.  

Jesper: Work tasks have been interesting and every case is different. I have learned something new every day and the working atmosphere is very good at Verkotan. It is pretty nice to work when you know that if there are any problems, you can always ask for help from your colleagues. 

What are your hobbies or passions outside of work?  

Arttu: I like watching quality TV shows and play PC games online with a group of friends. I work out around 3-4 times a week and started doing some yoga recently to help with the fact that I sit in a chair so much every day. 

Jesper: I am spending time with my family and friends. Sports have been always a big part of my life. In the summer we spend lots of time playing Frisbee golf and all kind of ball games with my friends. Also, I like to travel a lot, but we will see when we can pack our suitcases next time. 

Best experience at Verkotan so far?  

Arttu: I’m probably repeating this, but it has to be the fact that I’ve been working on a few scripts since March-May and now I’m using them very often, and it’s nice to see others benefit from them as well. Putting the final stamp on a test report is also a good feeling. 

Jesper: The people at Verkotan are great. Even though I was a new guy, I felt right from the beginning that my work matters. Also, of course, when the testing is done it is nice to see the final results of the measurements. 

What is next, future aspirations?  

Arttu: Next up is the 3rd company project, most likely something at Verkotan. Then later in the year begins the thesis project. The experiences gained from Verkotan will surely help me when looking for work in the future. 

Jesper: I start my thesis in the fall and I aim to graduate from school by the end of the year.  

What would you say to future trainees?  

Arttu:  Most of the things you learn by doing but being fluent in English helps a lot. Being a good listener and asking questions when you are not certain of something is also important.  

Jesper: Nothing to add to what Arttu said earlier. All the documents are in English so being fluent in English helps you a lot at this job.  

Verkotan is always seeking enthusiastic specialists in the wireless industry to be part of our team. If you are interested in working here, send us an open application!