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Verkotan provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service According to 3GPP

Starting from March 2020 Verkotan provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service according to 3GPP TS38.141-2, 6.2 radiated transmit power and 7.2 OTA sensitivity for base stations and ancillary equipment. Verkotan is one of the first commercial laboratories to provide this high-quality accredited test service for 5G NR OTA testing certification.

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Verkotan provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service According to 3GPP

Verkotan Oy is a testing laboratory No. T287 accredited by FINAS, Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Accredited FR1 active antenna testing includes testing of radiated transmitted power EIRP (3GPP 38.141-2 6.2) and OTA sensitivity EIS (3GPP 38.141-2 7.2). What sets Verkotan apart from many other test houses is that Verkotan has the capability to run in-house active antenna reference measurements by using two independent test methods. By having this advantage, we at Verkotan are able to make fast and easy comparisons between the two different methods and to benchmark the reference results of different vendors in the same laboratory.

Our test capacity consists of three 5G gNodeB OTA test chambers running in three shifts. By offering this readily available service, we assist our customers in the product development phase and in getting their type approvals. Verkotan also provides active gNodeB radiated performance quality analysis, reference measurements in comparison to customer’s own measurements, as well as quality assurance measurements for verifying antenna vendor’s own test results.

Verkotan’s antenna database and evaluation tool enables the analysis of raw data in a reliable way. It allows us to analyze and calculate antenna characteristics quickly. It also operates as antenna test result storage and enables customized reporting and efficient analysis for antenna designers.

Two independent methods available for Active Antenna Test Service

Unique Active Near Field to Far Field (NF to FF) Antenna Test Service

Verkotan’s unique active near field to far field (NF to FF) antenna test service is available for the whole FR1 frequency range due to our wide bandwidth horn antenna setup. Testing frequency for NF to FF ranges from 600MHz to 6GHz. It is scalable for different gNB sizes and has a customized accurate positioning system. Test is done under the accreditation scope for 3GPP TS38.141-2, 6.2 EIRP and 7.2 EIS.

With our NF to FF test method, we can test a full range of antenna characteristics and offer our customers tests regarding antenna patterns. THE maximum DUT (device under test) size for this test is two meters. We can perform 3D antenna patterns, 2D E and H plane cuts, and EIRP for TX and EIS for RX bands with the main lobe maximum.

NF to FF method is based on Verkotan’s in-house developed method for amplitude and phase extraction from the active 5G signal, which enables mathematical transformation of the measured near field data to the far field.

Verkotan testing
Verkotan near field to far field antenna testing

Plane Wave Synthesis Active Antenna Test Service

Verkotan Plane Wave Synthesis Active Antenna Test Service is available for BW 2,3-3,8GHz covering most important FR1 5G bands. We can test gNB sizes up to one meter and have a customized accurate positioning system. Test service is performed under the accreditation scope for 38.141-2, 6.2 EIRP, and 7.2 EIS.

Testing utilizes the plane wave synthesis technique, which enables the far-field conditions to be generated at the laboratory test zone. The test system utilizes the R&S PWC which provides a bidirectional antenna array of 156 wide band Vivaldi antennas that are phased to form plane waves within a spherical quiet zone of 1m in diameter. In addition to EIRP and EIS testing, the plane wave synthesis technique enables evaluation of a wide range of RF parameters, since the far-field condition is present at the test site during the measurement.

We have integrated Rohde & Schwarz’s PWC200 into our existing test laboratory and are using our own OTA software to control the new setup. PWC has been specially developed for 5G massive MIMO base station testing for both production and R&D.

PWC200 Verkotan. It van be used for FR1 Active Antenna testing
©Tekniikan Maailma. Photo: Markus Pentikäinen

Verkotan is always happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal how we can verify the performance of your wireless device in the global environment.

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