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Accredited FR1 Active Antenna Test Services for Base Stations According to 3GPP TS38.141-2

With the expansion in 5G active antenna test service field, Verkotan aims to meet their customer needs even more profoundly. With the new accredited FR1 active antenna test service for base stations Verkotan supports antenna manufacturers and teleoperators in improving their performance.

By Oona | on 29.05.2020 at 08:59 GMT+0200. | Modified 12.07.2022 at 10:49 GMT+0200.

Accredited FR1 Active Antenna Test Services for Base Stations According to 3GPP TS38.141-2

Oulu, Finland – May 27, 2020 Verkotan Oy, an accredited Finnish test and certification laboratory, specialized in radio technology, expands its service offering and now also provides FR1 Active Antenna Testing Service according to 3GPP TS38.141-2, “6.2 radiated transmit power” and “7.2 OTA sensitivity” for base stations and ancillary equipment starting from 2020. Verkotan is one of the first commercial laboratories to provide this kind of high-quality accredited test service for 5G NR OTA testing certification. Verkotan’s mission is to offer the fastest, most accurate test and certification solutions for base station, mobile device, and antenna manufacturers.

Verkotan Oy is a testing laboratory No. T287 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Verkotan has developed two independent test methods for 5G and massive MIMO active antenna testing. These two methods enable Verkotan to run in-house active antenna reference measurements, to make fast and efficient comparisons between the two different methods and to benchmark reference results of different vendors in the same laboratory. By providing this service, Verkotan can support antenna manufactures in their product development and in acquiring required type approvals. Verkotan also supports teleoperators by providing benchmark reference results in their accredited test chambers.

Verkotan’s test capacity consists of three OTA test chambers equipped for 5G gNodeB testing and the chambers can be utilized up to three shifts. In addition to active gNodeB radiated performance quality analysis, Verkotan also measures 3D antenna patterns and evaluates all antenna characteristics quickly and reliably.

The two independent test methods used to provide this service are Verkotan’s novel active near field to far-field (NF to FF) antenna test service and Plane Wave Synthesis Active Antenna Test Service. Verkotan has integrated Rohde & Schwarz’s PWC200 into their existing test laboratory and are using their own OTA software to control the new setup. PWC has been specially developed for 5G massive MIMO base station testing for both production and R&D purposes. Verkotan is the first independent test house to choose this technology to test 5G NR FR1 base stations over-the-air (OTA).

“We are happy to announce this new test service for base stations. As we aim to be the forerunners in the field of test and certification providers, this is one step for us towards our goal. Verkotan is also happy to rely on the innovative T&M solutions by Rohde & Schwarz and the cutting-edge qualities the R&S PWC200 offers. We hope our collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz will remain strong and continue in the future.” says Kari Komonen, CEO and co-founder of Verkotan Oy.

Additional information about the Verkotan’s Active Antenna Testing Service, can be found from here: https://verkotan.com/2020/verkotan-provides-fr1-active-antenna-testing-service-according-to-3gpp-ts38-141-2/

Verkotan Oy

Verkotan sees the world through antennas by providing wireless tests solutions and services. Our roots are in cellular phones R&D, covering all technologies from the 1st generation to the upcoming 6th generation.

We can provide OTA, Beamforming Antenna, RF Exposure and SAR -testing or comprehensively Tailored Test Solutions. We have developed our own active and passive antenna measurement systems based on NF-FF transformation, which is an essential method for 5G beamforming antenna measurements. We are actively participating in EU R&D projects with research institutes and other leading companies and we are continuously seeking for new state-of-the-art solutions. We are a fast, flexible, and reliable partner with our customers’ R&D and we always find the best testing solutions to match our customers’ needs. Our laboratories are located in Oulu Radio Valley, Finland.

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