Standardized Tissue Simulants

Our standardized liquids are complient with the following standards:

  • IEEE Std 1528
  • IEC 62209-1
  • IEC 62209-2
  • FCC KDB publication 865664
Head Simulating Fluids

Dielectric parameters simulating head-tissue parameters as defined in the SAR compliance standards IEEE Std 1528, IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2 and FCC KDB publication 865664.

ApplicationTest FrequencyTolerance
Narrowband150 MHz±5%
450 MHz±5%
700-935 MHz±5%
1700-1900 MHz±5%
2000-2700 MHz±5%
Broadband700-2500 MHz±10%
2500-6000 MHz±10%
Body Tissue Simulating Liquids

Dielectric parameters of the body simulating fluid are defined in the FCC KDB publication 865664.

ApplicationTest FrequencyTolerance
Narrowband700-935 MHz±5%
1700-1900 MHz±5%
2000-2700 MHz±5%
Broadband700-2500 MHz±10%
2500-6000 MHz±10%
Custom Made Tissue Simulants

Do you need simulants for non-standard testing or for research purposes?

We have already made various kinds of tissues for our customers, e.g. tissues simulating animal’s muscle, skull and brain (grey and white matter), and testing RF performance of implantable medical devices.

The liquids can be used to study how electromagnetic radiation propagates through tissue, since they have been developed to have similar dielectric properties to human tissues.

The simulants are tuned to represent human tissues with accuracy of ±5% at temperature of 22˚±0.2 degrees.Measured dielectric data is available.

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